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          Senior                Senior

                                                                   Jimmy Evans

                                                                   In Honor of

                                                                   My Pastor

                                                                   by Kate Pybus

                                                               reasons I am so   which is dedicated to strengthening
                                                               happy to honor    families. I am so thankful to have
                                                               Pastor Jimmy      had the blessing of sitting in the
                                                               Evans. Pastor     front section of our youth group on
                                                               Jimmy never       Sundays to hear God’s plan for my
                                                               puts on an act.   one-day marriage and how it should
            f you’ve lived in Amarillo for a                   He brings a       be. I know his messages, which have
            long time, you may remember      realistic perspective to how difficult   been bathed in prayer, will prevent
         IM.L. Evans Appliance. This         life is at times if we are not focused   me from making lots of mistakes in
         appliance store was around years    on Jesus, but He loves us too much   my future.
         before I was born. I only knew about   to let us stay the way we are. He
         it because one of the owner’s sons,   wants our marriages and families to   I started going to Trinity Fellowship
         who is also one of my pastors, has   be filled with joy and reminds us that   when I was three years old. We
         shared specific details about his life   that can be a reality if we do it God’s   moved away during my childhood
         growing up. Pastor Jimmy Evans has   way.                               but then moved back to Amarillo. I
         shared many times with our church                                       can’t remember my exact age when
         family about his life as a young boy.   Jimmy Evans has served as the   Jimmy Evans’ sermons started
                                             senior leader of Trinity Fellowship   affecting me (after I started going to
         Jimmy’s parents, Martin Lee (M.L.)   Church for more than 30 years. Our   BIG church with my parents!)
         and Mary Wells Evans, had three     church grew from 900 to over 10,000
         sons: Michael, Jimmy, and Randy.    under his leadership. Today he is a   In the beginning of my teen years,
         Jimmy started out, as some might    senior Elder and still a member of   I started taking notes on Sundays.
         say, a typical teenage boy, trying   our preaching team. He is also the   Then I started really thinking
         to look cool and act cool. He is    senior pastor at Gateway Church     about those notes throughout the
         the first to share his mistakes and   in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.    week when I would hear different
         some humorous stories with his      Jimmy and his wife, Karen, co-host   conversations in school about some
         congregation. This is just one of the   a television show, Marriage Today,   tough topics.

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