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         Senior                Senior                       Sarah Bess Cox

                                                            Nana's Nuggets

                                                            of Wisdom

                                                             by Nikki Cobb

                                            One afternoon, I was talking about how   people when you “treat others the way
        “Watch your words -- you will have   much I disliked a girl at my school who   you want to be treated.”  In high school,
        what you say.”                      had been mean to me. “She will never be   I am faced with a lot of challenges, like
                                            my friend, and she will always hate me.”    grades, difficult teachers and students
            “Treat others the way you want to   No sooner had those words come out of   who are sometimes mean and rude.
                                            my mouth, when my Nana said, “Watch
                                                                                 When confronted with challenges, I try to
            be treated.”                    your words -- you’ll have what you say.”   remember what Nana has taught me about
                                            Being a curious sixth grader, I asked her   treating others like I want to be treated,
           “Have you prayed about it?”      why it was so important for me to “watch   even when they don’t deserve it.
                                            my words.”  She explained that, in the
                                            Bible, Jesus once said that when you say   The thing I hear the most from my Nana
            hese are things my Nana, Sarah Bess  something and believe it, you will have   when I am facing something difficult is,
            Cox, has spoken to me repeatedly   it.  She also said that when I say things   “Have you prayed about it?”  That is her
      Tthroughout my life and at the most   like “never” or “always”, it could have a   first thought about everything. Sometimes
      random times. We could be in Walmart   negative effect not only on me, but also   I forget and just go right into trying to
      or just watching TV, and she would say   on the people around me. She added that   solve things myself. Sometimes, I even
      one of these phrases to me, depending on   what I thought in my heart is what would   begin to panic, until I remember what
      the situation.  I sometimes got annoyed,   come out in the real me. Unkind thoughts,   Nana says: “Pray about it.” I cannot tell
      but what I didn’t understand then, I   specifically, could reflect badly on me   you how many times something has
      now realize: those phrases are precious   as well as on others. She wanted me to
      “nuggets” of wisdom that I can use to   be kind and, by speaking kind things, it
      guide my life.                        would be easier to be patient and loving
                                            like Jesus.
      Nana was born at the height of The Great
      Depression.  She married my “Dad Dad”   Another thing she often told me was
      when she was 21, and they had three   to “treat others the way you want to be
      children.  She has spent her life serving   treated.”  I am pretty sure every kid on
      others -- especially her family.  My   the planet has heard the golden rule.
      favorite thing about Nana is her faith   However, to Nana, it is not just a saying,
      and love for Jesus.  She is a very wise   it is the way she lives. I know this because
      and Godly woman who has devoted       I have talked to many people who know
      her life to making sure her children and   Nana, and they always speak so highly of
      grandchildren know the Lord.  When we   her. They say things like “Oh, that Sarah
      were younger, she would often talk with   Bess! Where is that sweet woman?” or
      my cousins and me about the important   “Oh, how we miss and love Sarah Bess!”
      things in life, to equip us when life   They just rave about how wonderful she
      becomes difficult.                    is. This shows me that it really does impact

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