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looked impossible, and I had almost given  situation. Things seem to work so much   She has been my rock when other people
         up hope - until I prayed.  Like the phone   better that way.             weren’t there for me. I am so glad that my
         I lost and thought I would never see                                     Nana gave me these treasures of wisdom
         again - until I prayed, and someone called   Growing up as an only child can   to remember. I call them my “Nana
         from another city letting me know that   sometimes be lonely. I didn't have anyone   Nuggets”. She knew I would need these
         they had found it.  Or the test I was sure   my age at home, so Nana became my   pearls to get through high school and
         I wasn’t going to pass that I miraculously   best friend. She still lives with us, so we   life.  Because of Nana, my life is forever
         got an A on.  Or the disagreement with   do many things together. When I was   changed, and when she is gone, her
         a friend that I thought would never be   little, she would pick me up from school,   words and influence will live on in
         fixed, but that changed after I prayed.    take me to lunch, to choir rehearsals, and   the lives of her children and
         Now I try to remember to pray first and   much more. When I am sad, I still run to   grandchildren. I am so thankful that
         then look to see what I can do about a   my Nana and tell her what is going on.   Sara Bess Cox is my Nana.

           Article Submitted by
           Nikki Cobb                                                 AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL

              Nikki Cobb is the daughter of Ty and Charla Cobb. She attends Amarillo High School
              where she is secretary of the Band and co-captain of the Color Guard. She is a member
              of Bel Canto Choir and New Sound Show Choir. She hopes to attend Lubbock Christian
              University in the Fall and Major in Music.

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