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                The mission of Senior Link magazine is to honor local senior citizens for the express
                purpose of inspiring, challenging, and connecting to or “linking” with younger   the
                generations. With that in mind, we seek out a few high school seniors every spring
                and ask them to choose a “senior” who has positively impacted their lives. Senior   publisher
                Link believes in this so strongly that each student receives a $100 stipend for their
                contribution. Many choose grandparents or another relative. Some opt to tell the
                story of a coach, a teacher, a pastor, or a neighbor.

                We  can  be  influenced  by  anyone  –
                positively or negatively. We can choose
                how much or how little the life of another
                person can affect us. In this issue, we have
                chosen to blur the lines a bit because a
                few of our young authors decided to write
                about people just a few years older than
                themselves. It is encouraging to us that
                these young people, just on the brink of
                adulthood, are willing to pay attention to
                the  virtues  they  see  in  others,  no  matter
                the age.

                But we also know that every birthday
                comes with an invisible gift of wisdom
                gleaned from the previous 365-day trip
                around the sun. Some people are naturals
                at  opening  those  gifts,  benefitting  from
                them and sharing the blessing with others.
                We were honored to have three “senior
                seniors” write their counsel for the 2020
                high school graduates. We regret that we didn’t have space to print their entire essays, but you can read them
                online at They contain the priceless wisdom that comes from experience. And, no matter
                our age, the opportunity to learn from others is always available.  As a dear friend once told me, “You’re not
                going to live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself.”

                So, we pay attention to each other. We listen. We learn. We are challenged and inspired. We hope you, our
                readers, can extract a little something from these pages that will make you wiser, too.

                We’d like to thank our sponsors and advertisers, some of whom have written helpful resource articles that can
                equip you with even more information. And we want to express our appreciation to J’s Resturaunt for hosting a
                gracious reception celebrating our 2020 graduates as well as their honorees.
                                                                                                Erin Agee

                     {    and stories and helping to "Link" us.  And thank you to the advertisers who make   {

                          Thank you to those who have written in this edition, for sharing your knowledge

                              this magazine a reality.  Without all of you this would not be possible.

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