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        Amarillo Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication distributed in   10   cyber seniors
      Amarillo and the surrounding areas. Visit for
                           distribution maps.                           16   happy days are here!
     PUBLISHER                    EDITORS                               22   gradual hearing loss often goes
     Erin Agee                    Jane Bromley                               undetected
                                  Marilyn Garrett                       23   the right level of care at the right time:
     COVER PHOTOGRAPHY            Jelaine Workman                            avoiding re-hospitalization
     Brad Agee                                                          28   meals on wheels sees dream come

                                                                             to life
     STAFF                        DESIGN
     Jelaine Workman              Promofuse Solutions                   29   graduating seniors
     Steve Lott                             30   Bill Walden | one family. five veterans.

     CONTRIBUTORS                                                       33   Texas panhandle war memorial center
     Erin Agee, Nikki Cobb, Kate Pybus, Donna Alexander, Megan          36   some dos and don'ts of long term
     Anderson, Hallie Thompson, Brigan Ford, Josiah Asbill, Cassidy Beck,    care medicaid
     Gayle Willson, Patricia Garansuay, Ashlyn Mallory, Susie Akers,
     Colleen Eppler, Jane Bromley, Perry Gilmore, Macayla Warren, Lee   40   Jessie & Marion Kinsey | best $2
     Franks, Claire Headings, Joli Ariola, Gilda Bryant, Sandi McGinnis,     bet ever
     Bob McGinnis, Jackie Conces                                        42   how farming has changed in 60 years

                                                                                      2 2

              ABOUT THE COVER                                                                    Senior
                           Spring 2020
                               Area high school seniors
                               gathered at J's Bar and Grill
              HONORING SENIORS
                               to be recognized, along                  6    Sarah Bess Cox
                               with the mentors they                         Nana's nuggets of wisdom
                               honored In their articles,               8    Jimmy Evans
                               for our annual generation-                    in honor of my pastor
                2              linking issue.                           12   Nelson Harvey
               Senior  Senior  High school seniors write about their   FREE Please Take One
                    role models in the community
                                                                             black belt inspiration
             SPRING 2020
             SUMMER 2019
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                                                                        18   Wesley Kirton
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