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One of my favorite things about Jimmy Evans is
            his style of preaching. I never feel as though he is
            pointing a finger at me or anyone; he’s just pointing
            to the truth. I feel like he is saying: “Let me share
            with you some things I did and said that were not
            helping me become closer to Christ.” Then he shares
            things that have helped him become who he is today,
            always admitting that he is still striving to be more
            like Christ. He is so vulnerable with our church. He
            uses humor in his messages. He is not judgmental.
            His messages come across in ways we can relate to.
            I always leave thinking about how I can apply what
            I just heard to my own life, whether it is something I
            am dealing with at school, with all the pressures and
            demands of being a senior, or biblical advice that will
            help me one day in my marriage.

            Another reason I respect Pastor Jimmy is because
            he’s not afraid to speak the truth. He says some
            really hard things that might not be popular with
            people my age. But I know everything he says has
            been aligned with God’s word and prayed about
            before being presented. He makes no apologies for
            God’s word. This has validated my worldview and
            given me the confidence I need in speaking about my
            beliefs if asked. Like him, I try also to speak in love
            with my friends.
            Pastor Jimmy has planted seeds in the hearts of me   Pastor Jimmy and his wife, Karen, have two married
            and all my friends in our youth department about   children and five grandchildren.  He has authored
            how to be successful in marriage one day and in life   more than 16 books. He also may be the biggest Dallas
            by focusing on God. The life lessons I’ve learned from   Cowboys fan around. Thank you, Pastor Jimmy, for
            this pastor will be with me forever, and I am forever   your guidance over the years. Go, Cowboys!

            Article Submitted by
            Kate Pybus                                                AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL

               Kate Pybus is a senior at Amarillo High School. Kate loves being the manager of the
               varsity tennis team. She is involved in PALS (tutoring elementary students) and RLC
               (Rescuing Leftover Cuisine and delivering it to the Salvation Army.) Kate enjoys singing
               on the worship team at Trinity Fellowship Church. She was recently honored as Miss
               Amarillo High. Kate plans on pursuing a career in creative media industries. She is still
               deciding between two universities to attend in the fall.

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