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             she recalled a time that Harriet made a big
             impression: “When she embraced my son, when
             he was a baby, and he was crying inconsolably;
             it was such a welcomed relief because I was

             Andrea Daniels, assistant to the youth pastor and
             member of the church for quite some time, recalls
             that she met Harriet in 2002. I asked her what one
             thing really stood out to her about Harriet. She
             replied by saying, “One thing I’ve known about
             Harriet is that she is always at an event helping,
             and I’ve never seen her at one without a smile
             on her face. This just makes me love her and her
             helping heart.”

             I personally met Harriet in 2011 on my first
             Wednesday night at church. She led Prims, a
             Missionette group; this marked the first of my
             12 years with Harriet. As I grew up, if I ever
             felt I needed someone to whom I could go
             for advice, or see if there were places where I
             could volunteer, Harriet was and is a second
             grandmother I could go to and rely on. She once
             told me, “Helping is the way to show good in
             your heart. You shouldn’t volunteer if you're
             doing it for the credit; you should do it because
             you want to help improve someone's day and
             possibly [their] life.”  Since then, I help where I
             see someone in need. Because of her, I want to      To this day, Harriet Powell consistently volunteers
             make people smile and give them something that      whenever she can, and she does it all while smiling
             will lighten their load. It won’t always be easy,   and making jokes. She has become the teacher in
             but if I volunteer with a giving heart, then I can   many people's lives, and she will always be loved and
             be loving and truly make a difference in people’s   trusted by those around her.

            Article Submitted by
            Amber Hardie                        AMARILLO HIGH SCHOOL  AMTECH CAREER ACADEMY

               Amber Hardie is the daughter of Amanda Hardie and Isaiah Hardie. She is a senior at
               Amarillo High and AmTech Career Academy. She works as an intern at Noah's Ark Pet
               Hospital and serves as an AmTech Ambassador. She plans to attend West Texas A&M
               University on her way to a career as a veterinarian for small and exotic animals.

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