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                                                                           LOCAL HISTORY
                                                                           6    celebrating 100-year-old Glenwood
            Amarillo Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication            Elementary and its beloved Betty Solis
             distributed in Amarillo and the surrounding areas. Visit for distribution maps and past editions.  22   when history repeats itself
                                                                                celebrating the iconic impact and
                                                                                history of the Barfield
      PUBLISHER                     EDITORS
      Erin Agee                     Jane Bromley                           SENIOR 2 SENIOR
                                                                                Harriet Powell
                                    Marilyn Garrett                             R.A.K. champion
      Brad Agee                                                            10   good things come in threes
      Jane Bromley                  DESIGN                                 12   Pattie and Kelly Archer
                                                                                not just nice, but incredible
      STAFF                                    14   Kenneth Martindale
                                                                                my Pawpaw, my hero
      Jelaine Workman                                                      16   Estalene Morrell
                                                                                "Mema" strong
      CONTRIBUTORS                                                         SENIOR RESOURCES
      Erin Agee, Jane Bromley, Amber Hardie, Kaitlyn Tucker, Brock Wade,   18   what is palliative care?
      Jackson Dedek, Canon Perkins, Scott Caldwell, Hannah Lambert, Ted    28   is the grass greener on the
      and Jody Wilson, Vickie Walters, Gayle Willson, Richard Houston,          other side?
      Taylor Sutton (United Marketstreet), Barbara Mandry
                                                                           29   sustain your mental acuity
                                                                           EXCEPTIONAL SENIORS
             ABOUT THE COVER                                               20   a "pearl" of a girl
                                                                                Anita Kesler's joy spreader
                           Four area high school seniors gathered          LOVE STORIES
                           at 100-year-old Glenwood Elementary
                           for our cover photo commemorating               24   Charles and Polly Gillingham
                                                                                humble from start to finish
                           their contribution of essays for our
                           annual generation-linking issue. Our            TRAVEL
                           fifth young writer missed the shoot,            26   come ride with us in 2022
                           but you won’t want to miss any of the           RECIPES
                           articles they wrote to honor the senior         30   sponsored by Market Street
                           citizens who influenced them.                        > banana pudding cup bites
                                                                                > pastrami sandwiches with avocado aioli
                                                                                > red, white, and purple potato salad
        Copyright  2022  Amarillo  Senior  Link  Magazine.  All  rights  reserved.  Every  effort  is   INSPIRATION
        made to ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the right to reject or
        edit all material contributed. Your letters and comments are welcomed and encouraged.   31   notes to my grandchildren

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