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         and its       Beloved Betty Solis                                                 by Jane Bromley

                                             it was built, Amarillo had only     Betty was 13. She was fluent in two
                                             100 teachers, and just 65 students   languages, but still, “It was a huge
                                             graduated from the high school that   culture shock.”
                                             year. In 1926, an oil boom allowed
                                             for the first addition to the already   She overcame the challenges,
                                             crowded school at a cost of $13,000.   graduating from Amarillo High
                                             In 1948, just after WWII, a citywide   School in 1956 and later from
                                             expansion to relieve overcrowding   Amarillo College and West Texas
                                             resulted in a brand-new structure   State University. She married her
                                             for the “outdated” 26-year-old      high school sweetheart, John Solis,
                                             building. Unlike the Potter County   in 1959 and began her teaching
                                             Library, which was also built in    career at Dwight Morrow the same
                                             1922, very little evidence remains   year.  She taught there for 15 years
                                             of the original building. In fact,   before its fateful closing in 1967. The
                                             the school has recently undergone   native Spanish speaker related easily
                                             another beautiful facelift just in time   to the families of the Glenwood
                                             for its 100th birthday.             neighborhood and, in 1972, was
                                                                                 certified as Amarillo ISD’s first ever
                marillo, Texas was growing   In 1967, the construction of I-40   bilingual instructor.
                fast in 1922. World War      caused enrollment to drop in
         AI had only been over for           a barrio elementary school on       Betty loved teaching first graders
         four years, and everyone was        Cleveland – Dwight Morrow. That     from 1967 until 1978, when the
         hopeful. The Amarillo Independent   forced the students and teachers    district needed her to serve as
         School District hired its very first   to relocate – many of them to    principal. She was a natural in the
         athletic coach that year, and a     Glenwood which also had a large     role. She always made it her goal
         group of students at the High       Hispanic population. One of those   to know each of the students by
         School organized the first band.    teachers was Betty Solis, whose     name and hug as many as possible
         The Glenwood Neighborhood           name will forever be associated with   each day. She went out of her way
         addition was burgeoning, so the city   Glenwood Elementary.
         erected Glenwood Elementary to
         accommodate all the young families.   Elizabeth “Betty” Keel
         That makes Glenwood 100 years old,   was born in Buenos Aires,
         and the current students celebrated   Argentina in 1939. Her
         the milestone birthday on the 100th   father was an American
         day of the 2021-22 school year.     who worked for Texaco.
                                             Because the political
         The original brick building faced   unrest in her homeland
         Mirror St. and cost the city $162,449.   forced the refinery to close,
         Today, the address of the school    the company relocated the
         is 2407 S. Houston. At the time     Keels to Amarillo when

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