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                                                           Good Things

                                                           Come in Threes

                                                            by Kaitlyn Tucker

                                                         give us a hard time.    My dad’s parents, Tommy and
                                                         My Gramz is the only    Dorotha Tucker, are two of the
                                                         person I go to when     most hard-working people I know.
                                                         I have a problem.       My Pa is 84 years old and still
                                                         No matter how big       works hard every day. He has
                                                         or small, she always    taught me the value of working
                                                         listens and gives me    hard, no matter the challenges you
                or my whole life, many                   the best advice on      face. My Granna makes everything
                people have made an           how to solve my issues. She is my   in their house by hand, whether
           Fimportant impact on               biggest supporter. From traveling   that be clothes, food, and even
           me, teaching me how to act,        10+ hours to take me to my dance   blankets; she has taught me some
           and introducing me to new          competitions, to                                important life skills.
           opportunities and beneficial       coming to every                                 Growing up, I did
           experiences. One group that has    cheer and choir                                 not get to see them
           shaped me into the person I am     event I have, she                               as much since they
           today is senior citizens, most     is always there for                             live eight hours
           importantly, my grandparents.      me, cheering me                                 away from my
                                              on.                                             home, but when I
           My mom’s parents, Kelvin and                                                       did, they ran to my
           Debbie Ollinger, have been close   My grandad is                                   brothers and me
           to me since I was born. From       the reason I am                                 with open arms,
           attending my extracurricular       quick-witted and                                and I always felt
           activities to helping me with      outgoing. When                                  welcome there. Also,
           problems I face in school and      I am with him,                                  during the summers,
           my personal life, my Gramz and     we always joke                                  I always spent one
           Grandad are two of the most        around with                                     whole week with
           important people in my life. My    each other and                                  my Granna and Pa.
           Grandad has been a farmer his      try to make each                                During that time,
           whole life, and our family has     other laugh. My                    I learned how to make tons of
           been in the Ag industry for more   grandad always says that I am the   recipes from scratch, go outside
           than 120 years. Every time my      only one who can mess around       to the garden and pick fruits and
           family goes down to see them,      with him and that I am his favorite   vegetables, and even gather eggs
           they are always both working       granddaughter (granted, I’m        from their chickens. Looking back,
           hard. However, they still have     the only one). My grandparents     I realize that even though as a kid I
           time to play around with their     have helped me so much in my       felt like I was learning things “old
           five grandchildren and always      childhood and even now as I’m      school style,” now I see that my
                                              getting ready to graduate.

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