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                                                    students in her charge, little   with visits from 101 Elite Men and
                                                    ones whose grandparents she   Snapology. The children dressed
                                                    had taught in 1st grade.      as 100-yr.-olds and built towers
                                                                                                    with 100 cups,
                                                    Betty reminisces                                buildings
                                                    fondly about the                                with 100
                                                    faces she grew                                  marshmallows,
                                                    to love during                                  and much
                                                    their years at                                  more. The pride
                                                    Glenwood. “When                                 continues,
                                                    I had shoulder                                  and its current
                                                    surgery recently,                               faculty is
                                                    one of my nurses                                convinced that
        to encourage students who were              had been a                                      their kids are
        struggling and to help their families   Glenwood student. In                                the smartest
        to be involved in their children’s   fact, many of her protégés                             and most
        success. She remembers what a great   chose careers in the                                  well-behaved.
        benefit it was to the school when    medical profession, like                               Happy Birthday,
        AISD used Glenwood as a test site    local orthopedic surgeon,                              Glenwood!
        to see how it would work to have     Dr. Tyler Cooper, while
        volunteers on the campus. It was a   many more became teachers and
        great success, and members of the    other professionals. U.S. Attorney
        Junior League of Amarillo were a     Joshua Frausto is also a Glenwood         To
        welcome sight for many years.        alum.                                   Know
        Betty volunteered her spare time     John Solis passed away in 2017, but    Christ
        to the community through Wesley      the couple raised three boys, David     Make Him
        Community Center, Kids, Inc., the    (retired from a career with the          Known
        Human Relations Commission and       state of Texas), Alan (retired from
        Family Support Services, and more.   the Dallas Police Dept.), and Chris
        She also helped create and then      (who followed in his mother’s
        served on the board of the Eveline   footsteps and is still teaching). Betty
        Rivers Christmas Project. She was    is also the proud grandmother of
        named Texas Elementary Principals    nine grandchildren.
        Association Principal of the Year    The storied school is now under
        in 1987 for the Texas Panhandle      the capable leadership of Principal
        and Lo Mejor de Lo Nuestro (The      Holly Holder who is taking the
        Best of Our Own) award in 1990 by    Glenwood legacy to the next level.
        the Hispanic Women’s Network.        Enrollment is currently around
        She was a finalist for the National   450 from its original 100. The            3001 Wolflin Ave | Amarillo, Texas 79109
        Distinguished Principals Award       students wear spiffy uniforms                  806-355-6526 |
        in 1997 and was named Amarillo       and have a new                           Sunday School 9:00 am | Sunday Worship 10:00 am
        Globe-News 2002 Woman of the Year.   playground to
        She has been a lifelong member of    enjoy. Many are
        First Christian Church, where John’s   involved in Ballet
        grandfather was a founding pastor.   Folklorico, and

        When looking back over her decades   the Glenwood
        at Glenwood, Betty’s heart swells as   Dancers
        she remembers “how close everyone    are widely
        was, how smart and well-behaved      acclaimed. The
        the kids were. The parents always    100th Birthday
        backed us because we all wanted the   Celebration on
        children to thrive and succeed.” By   the 100th day
        the time she retired in 2001, she had   of school was
        many third-generation Glenwood       commemorated

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