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              Harriet Powell



              by Amber Hardie

                  n amazing woman, with       Harriet moved to Amarillo where    immigrants ESL and citizenship;
                  a heart of gold, was born   she got involved at her current    and she also leads a quilting group
          AAugust, 19, 1948.  Many            church, Amarillo First Family      of women, donating the quilts to
           years later, she would come to     Church.  She began serving in      the Amigo Center.
           be known as the most influential   children's church, where she has
           mentor I have had.  Harriet Powell,   been connecting with the children   When she is not helping at the
           now 78 years old, is constantly    for 25 years. Hearing about        centers, she aids with other adults
           involved, wherever she can, just   her service and devotion to the    and parents at her church. When
           so she can make someone else's     children, I went around and asked   my mother, Amanda Hardie,
           day better.  I had the chance to   some of the children she personally   met Harriet in 2011, Harriet
           interview Harriet, to shed some    worked with for their thoughts     became an instant friend, helping
           light on the activities she does for   about Harriet. The children had   connect my mom to the church.
           her community.                     answers such as, “She’s nice,” and   Amanda said,” Harriet has been
                                              “She’s kind and helpful.” Then I   a faithful, personal friend and
           “My parents were constantly        went on to ask the children what   spiritual counselor.”  Specially,
           helping someone, and watching      she has personally done for them.
           them be involved influenced me     One of the girls remembered, “Mrs.
           to start volunteering. I started my   Harriet helped me advance my
           years of volunteer service in junior   quilting by teaching me how to use
           high, also known as the years I    the sewing machine.” Another little
           could be trusted.” She began to    boy added, “I once saw her getting
           explain to me that she believed    water for the children. Seeing her
           in something she calls R.A.K.      work really hard for them made
           (random acts of kindness). Harriet   me want to help her.”
           noted, “I was able to practice
           R.A.K. at my original home church,   Harriet doesn’t just work
           the Assembly of God in Fredonia,   with children, though; she
           Kansas. Volunteering allowed       has volunteered at the Ronald
           me to show my love for God by      McDonald House; the Amigo
           helping when I see a need.”        Center, where she helps teach

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