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                                                            SMALL BUSINESSES

       Route                        66

           VS               Covid-                        19

          By Bob “Crocodile” Lile

         Every business on Historic Route 66   something or someone, and they
         and of course elsewhere is feeling the   decided to cripple our economy.
         pinch during this crazy year; some
         will not survive. Answers? Most of   As a business owner on Route 66 in
         us do not even know the questions.  Amarillo, my visitors and sales went
                                             from really good to almost nothing
         How and why did this devastation    overnight. During March, April, and
         happen? Things were going great     May, there was no interaction with
         in our country and elsewhere until   travelers and about the only sales
         we were blindsided with Covid-19.    were online; it was scary.
         Maybe it was too great for someone’s
         liking; we may never know the truth.   Route 66 business’s survival depends
         Our success may have offended       on travelers, and the majority come

                                                                                from foreign countries. We average
                                                                                over 100,000 Route 66 travelers
                                                                                annually. Most foreign tourists
                                                                                love our American history and the
                                                                                nostalgic feel of Route 66. The forties,
                                                                                fifties and sixties were America’s
                                                                                heyday, and they dig it.

                                                                                Many thousands of people from all
                                                                                over Europe, South America, Japan,
                                                                                China, Australia and New Zealand
                                                                                had flight reservations, car and
                                                                                motorcycle rentals booked and were
                                                                                looking forward to spending time
                                                                                and money on our Mother Road.
                                                                                Canadians and people from Mexico

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