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                Remember the old saying – “Hindsight is 2020”?  Well, we have finally arrived
                at the end of that year. Surely, we are all glad the year is over and hopeful that
                the New Year will bring some much-needed joy, in the form or good health and   the
                greater freedom to move about the cabin!
                This edition of Senior Link completes two years of our magazine in Amarillo.  It
                has been a joy to get to visit with several of you who have reached out to me.
                I always appreciate hearing your comments about what speaks to you in our
                pages and the new ideas you have for future issues.  We are slowly making some
                of those changes as you will see in this
                edition – a new recipe page, a crossword
                puzzle, and some other resources that
                we think you’ll find beneficial. We hope
                that, as you read, you’ll come up with
                some other features you’d like to see.  In
                particular, we would love to promote
                local authors in a book nook, recipes from
                our readers, wisdom on grandparenting,
                family traditions as well as anything else
                you have to offer.  In addition, we are
                always looking for seniors who have a
                story that needs to be told.
                In this edition, we hope you enjoy the
                love stories, and the stories honoring
                some of the small business owners in the
                area.  Especially during the first quarter
                of the year, we need to remember to
                support our local businesses.  As a small
                business owner, myself, I can vouch for
                them that the struggle is real. That is
                one of the reasons we are so grateful to
                our sponsors. As you look through the
                magazine, please make a point to call
                some of our advertisers and say “Thanks”
                (whether you use their services or not.)  In the midst of this crisis, they thought enough of you as readers to
                help make this issue happen.
                We are praying and believing that 2021 will be a year of restoration and new beginnings. It’s more important
                than ever that we stay “linked” together. We look forward to hearing from you.

                                                                                                Erin Agee

                                       The Mission of Senior Link

                        Our mission is to tell the stories of local seniors, not only to honor them,
                      but also to inspire and challenge younger generations. We endeavor to link
                      seniors with the resources they need to ensure quality of life. We believe in
                       the strength of the chain, in linking with one another, and in linking all of
                       us to information which can enhance our lives. We recognize the value of
                       every season of life and the uniqueness of every story. Senior Link’s mission
                                              rests in the power of connection.
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