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         Amarillo Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication     LOVE STORIES
          distributed in Amarillo and the surrounding areas. Visit for distribution maps and past editions.  6   so happy together for 77 years
                                                                            Berry and Thelma Cox
      PUBLISHER                     EDITORS                           HONORING SMALL BUSINESSES
      Erin Agee                     Jane Bromley
                                    Marilyn Garrett                    8    route 66 vs covid-19
      COVER PHOTOGRAPHY             Jelaine Workman                         Lile Art Gallery
      Brad Agee                                                        10   living life to the fullest - Mike Fogiel
      Michele Cox                                                           The Lost Cajun Restaurant, Ye Olde Pancake
                                    DESIGN                                  Station, Hoffbrau Steak and Grill
      STAFF                                16   yours, mine & blessed
      Jelaine Workman                                                       Gary's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
                                                                       23   wonder woman in the hearing world
                                                                            Grand Hearing

      CONTRIBUTORS                                                    SENIOR RESOURCES
      Jane Bromley, Bob Lile, Jelaine Workman, Jennifer Jones, Paula
      Ward, Bob and Sandi McGinnis, Perry Gilmore PhD, Gayle          12    a sweet place for a happy ending
      Willson, Tom and Vickie Walters, Donna Alexander, Lee Franks,
      Ronald Crossno MD, United Marketstreet, Kristi Townsen          14    Amarillo senior citizens
                                                                            the place to be for seniors
                                                                      30    how real estate has changed during the
      ABOUT THE COVER                                                 32    two tools you need for effective estate
                       Berry and Thelma (Junior and                         planning
                  Winter 2021
        AMARILL O
                       Sis) Cox have been boyfriend
      HONORING SENIORS                                                33    hospice care is also for caregivers & families
                  Sis and
                Junior Cox's   and girlfriend for nearly eight
                 Love Story                                           34    covid-19 consumer tips for protecting
                       decades. Read their delightful                       yourself & your medicare coverage
                       story on page 6.
                                                                      35    caregiver project
       Celebrating Amarillo’s  Recipes
       Small Businesses  TRAVEL
       War Memorial Update  More
      Expanded Senior Resource Section  FREE Please Take One
                                                                      EXCEPTIONAL SENIORS
      WINTER 2021
      Copyright 2020 Amarillo Senior Link Magazine. All rights reserved. Every
      effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the   18   lessons I learned from my parents
      right to reject or edit all material contributed. Your letters and comments are
                     welcomed and encouraged.                          20   the vision becomes a reality thanks to
                                                                            local heroes
                                                                            J. Rex & Mary Nell Lemert
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      For advertising information or to subscribe, call/email          26   traveling in 2021
           (806) 441-3955                       on the road again
                       Mail inquiries to                               28   hoping to travel again with Mic
              4813 103rd St, Lubbock, TX 79424
                               38   faith over fear

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