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          A     SWEET


         FOR A



                                           By Jelaine Workman

                   hen you realize one        and moved to
                   of your parents needs      Lubbock.  Her dad
         Wmore care than the other            was a brick layer,
         can provide, you face some big       and her mom was
         decisions.  This was the case for Dee   a hairdresser,
         Morelos.                             although she
                                              preferred to stay
         Her mother, Joyce, was from Ralls,   home and care
         TX and her dad, Harrold, from        for her family.
         Crosbyton, TX.  Harrold was in the   This last April, Harrold and Joyce   but physically, he just could not do
         service when he met Joyce on the     celebrated 67 years of marriage; they   it.  Dee works full time and couldn’t
         square in Ralls, but he neglected to   had raised three children.  When   be with her parents all day, but she
         get her phone number.  However, he   Dee was born, her mom was 32        could see Joyce’s quality of life was
         knew she was a phone operator, so    years old and her sisters were 16 and   diminishing daily.
         he dialed “0”, managed to find her   14.
         and asked her out on a date.                                             At that point, Dee began the search
                                              At age 86, Joyce had been declining   for a place for her mother to live.
         One of Harrold’s uncles moved to     for the past year.  She had fallen   She was seeking a smaller facility
         Amarillo, so Harrold moved here      and had become more forgetful;      with a homey feeling, affordable
         to work with him and drove back      Dee felt like her 90-year-old father   and convenient for her dad to visit
         and forth to Ralls to see Joyce on the   just couldn’t take care of his wife at   when he wanted. Since her mom’s
         weekends.  They married in 1953      home – not that he didn’t want to,   dementia had become worse, she

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