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        to cut back hours at first and change shifts around a little,
        but he got them back to work. Many of his staff chose to
        work and did not apply for unemployment benefits.
        For this year, sales are down. There will be no profitability,
        no loss but no gain. Mike feels fortunate that he was able to
        keep his restaurants going. He knows several restaurateurs
        who did not fare as well.  Some have closed permanently,
        which adversely impacts the community.  But Mike believes
        100% of the patrons of all three properties have returned.
        He thinks it is important to give back to the community
        and is very generous to not-for-profit enterprises. “Amarillo
        has been good to me in so many ways. I think it is good
        for business to share time and money with different
        organizations.”  For instance, about two and one-half years
        ago, Mike started letting his hair grow so it would be long
        enough to donate to Wigs for Kids, in memory of his sister
        who passed away from cancer.
        Mike is so proud of all of his restaurant managers.  “They
        are the best ever”, and they care about Mike and the
        business. They are family, and they don’t cut corners.
        The catfish at Ye Olde Pancake House and Lost Cajun is
        hand-breaded. At Hoffbrau, most everything is made from
        scratch, and Lost Cajun makes all their own gumbos from
        fresh ingredients.  Fun fact: Ye Olde Pancake House cracks
        1000 eggs a day.

        The long-time restaurateur is service-oriented.  If a patron
        is unhappy with their meal, he wants them to report it. His
        managers take good care of their diners, but he encourages
        them to call him with both positive and negative remarks.

        Mike learned to love life from his parents. “I had a great
        childhood because my parents were encouragers and
        supported their children throughout their lives.” His
        parents are no longer here, but they made their mark in the
        world through their children. Mike Fogiel is living proof the
        world is getting a good return on their investment by living
        life to the fullest.

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