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         just couldn’t do things for herself.    his wife was convenient because
         Having memory care assistance      the Beehive was just a few blocks
         was very important to the family.    away.
         Over the last six months, Joyce
         didn’t even recognize Dee at times.    At the Beehive, Joyce was able to
                                            interact with other residents. She
         Dee left messages at several       participated during the games,
         organizations and visited with     had a better diet and daily therapy,
         many, but when Jake from the       and her dad could go visit her
         Beehive Homes of Amarillo called   whenever he wanted.   Although
         and set up an appointment to meet   her mother lived only three months
         Dee, she just had a good feeling;   longer, Dee felt that Joyce enjoyed
         she felt right at home when she    a better quality of life during that
         walked into the Beehive. The       time. She was also able to be with
         Beehive was smaller, with fewer    her mom when she passed.
         rooms and residents, and it had
         a warmth about it. Harrold still   She would recommend Beehive
         lives alone, drives, mows the grass   Home of Amarillo to anyone
         and walks the dog. So, visiting    looking for a facility for their

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