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has also been a] great privilege of my life to be a friend and partner
           with another of my heroes, Tom Morris.”
           Ken Fields, attorney and son of a WWII B-17 pilot

           “Mr. Morris has always set the highest level of professionalism.
           He has taught all of us that the duty of an attorney to be a zealous
           advocate does not mean you check your courtesy and respect at the
           Gavin Gadberry, Underwood Law Firm President and law
           partner of Tom Morris

           “Mr. Morris is a model for any lawyer to pattern themselves after.
           His work ethic, attention to detail and willingness to uncover every
           possible stone in successfully representing his clients sets him apart
           from most others.  If a 100-year-old lawyer can work tirelessly
           without shortcuts to represent his clients, all lawyers can.  His work
           ethic has been the one thing I took from the years we have worked
           Slater Elza, attorney and Shareholder at Underwood Law Firm

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