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From my mom                           ~

              “The marriage promise/vow says   5.  Is your faith similar?      not get better after you marry.
              it all: ‘For better or worse, for                                REMEMBER - if it doesn’t wear a
              richer or poorer, in sickness and   6.  Are your morals and values on   diaper, you can’t change it!
              in health.’”                    the same page?
                                                                               “Burk and I dated a year and a
              “Before I started dating, and for   7.  Does he/she respect you?  half before we married.  I adored
              many years, my mother and my    8.  Does the person use profanity?    him from the time we met. That
              Grandmother Snow passed on      This could show a lack of        doesn’t mean there weren’t the
              wisdom that became a part of me   character, confidence or self-  occasional differences of opinion,
              in choosing friends, a date and a   esteem.                      but love can work things out. He
              husband.                                                         was kind, strong, respectful and
                                              9.  Do not date or stay with a   loving.
              ‘Always listen and watch closely:   person who tries to embarrass,

              1.  What is his/her character?   put you down, or control you!    “After 51 years, he still is the
                                                                               person I would choose.
                                              This is  NOT love.
              2.  Is the person truthful or does                               “We have tried always to
              he cheat or steal?              10.  Love is KIND!’              remember our meeting was a

              3.  Is the person kind to others?  “These are things you may notice   gift from God and our children
                                              before accepting a date or after   and our marriage were gifts from
              4.  How does he/she treat his   a few dates.  If something is not   God, and we have tried to give
              mother and siblings?            good before you marry, it will   the glory to God for all these

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