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silver coin from the Mexico City    18 and a man under 21 to marry       Whittenburg.  They had learned
        Olympics in lieu of an engagement   without parental consent. These      a thing or two about kids and
        ring.                               parents were not consenting.         marriages.  Their approach was
                                                                                 to remain quiet. They were not
        Thrilled about their news, they     On the other hand, Burk was          overly excited about their young
        raced back to Carol’s home to tell   the fifth child of Grace and Roy    son marrying a teenager, but they
        her parents.  It was late, and her                                       were also not going to stand in the
        dad was soundly sleeping. When                                           way of two people in love. After all,
        she and Burk shared their exciting                                       they had married when Grace was
        news, her mother gasped, and                                             eighteen.
        repeated, “No. No. No.” Carol
        remembers her father closing his                                         Roy drove to the Snows’ farm to
        eyes and sitting like a statue. A                                        talk to them about signing a consent
        few moments of silence passed. He                                        for the kids to marry. Audie Snow
        exhaled, put his hands on his knees,                                     was adamant; she would not do it.
        stood up and stated, “This could                                         But, over the next few weeks, Carol
        have waited until morning,” before                                       planned her wedding with her
        going back to bed and closing the                                        reluctant mother. Her parents were
        door hard behind him.                                                    hopeful that the marriage wouldn’t
                                                                                 happen. They were counting on
        Carol was 17 and Burk was 19. Her                                        their daughter coming to her senses,
        parents were not going to let this                                       calling off the wedding, enrolling at
        happen. It was illegal, in the state                                     OCC and marrying a preacher. They
        of Oklahoma, for a woman under                                           refused to enroll her at Texas Tech,

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