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World War II

            “We knew that when we returned to the Pacific, it    dedicated to one thing - defeating our enemies.” Mr.
            would be for the invasion of Japan. We spent 30 days   Fields also quoted Mr. Morris, “I took along a couple
            in the Imperial Desert. That was tough flying, with   of lawbooks, carried in my duffel bag all of my flight
            temperatures about 115 – 120 degrees. We completed   years. I would sit in the ready room and read a law
            preparation and were about to board the carrier when   book while the other guys were playing cards.”
            President Truman dropped the
            ‘Bomb.’ The rest is history.”                                 “I had enough points to muster out in
                                                                          October 1945. I had one year of law school
            One of Mr. Morris’ colleagues,                                left and graduated from UT with High
            Ken Fields, an attorney in Pampa,                             Honors in June 1946.” The young man
            documented the former pilot’s                                 had won so many accolades that Dean
            service with a deposition-style                               McCormick asked him to join the faculty.
            interview called “Memories of a                               “I was flabbergasted but immediately
            Naval Aviator in World War II”.                               accepted.” Tom served two years on the
            The 76-page article provides a                                faculty at the University of Texas Law
            more detailed account of the young                            School and as faculty director of the
            pilot’s military service. Mr. Fields                          Texas Law Review. He was one of the first
            quoted Mr. Morris, “I could fly                               professors to teach African American
            an airplane all right, but I wasn’t a super pilot . . .. I   students at the law school. “I enjoyed teaching and
            think the United States was almost to a man united   made many (lifelong) friends, but I wanted to be
            during those years, and everybody in the country was   a ‘pit fighter.’” Tom and a friend established a law

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