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               I am writing this in November, which is leading into the busiest time of year for
               our family. With four young daughters, events are filling up our calendar, and   the
               I’m wondering how we’ll ever get it all done. But when I step back to catch my
               breath, I am instantly thankful for this busy life.  Every activity centers around
               people and relationships and caring about each other.  So, I welcome the    publisher
               craziness for now, and by the time you read this in January, the 2019 holiday
               season will be ready for the scrapbooks.

               One thing I want to carry into 2020 is the
               importance of valuing all those people we
               frantically try to connect with during the
               holidays. They are always among us.  If I am
               paying attention, I can find ways to reach out
               without relying on the calendar to tell me when
               and where to go. This edition of Senior Link
               is full of stories of interesting individuals and
               groups. Some dance, some write, some study,
               some volunteer, some continue to excel in their
               careers, as in the case of Tom Morris, one of the
               oldest practicing attorneys in the country. There
               are love stories and tributes to veterans. You’ll
               read about many who have suffered the loss of
               loved ones but have figured out that life can be
               enjoyable again as long as they stay connected
               to people. The stories in this issue are meant to
               inspire and entertain you, as well as encourage
               you to continue writing your own story.

               Maybe, as you read, you’ll find something that interests you. Maybe you like crafting or writing or Bible study.
               You might want to join one of these groups. Maybe you like cars or hunting or playing games. I have explained
               to my girls that we all make up a piece of the puzzle and that our gifts flourish better when we are able to
               share them with others. When we step out and share a little of ourselves, we discover not only our own gifts
               but also where we fit into the big picture.

               The completion of this edition marks the first full year of Amarillo Senior Link.  I have received many letters
               and phone calls from readers expressing appreciation. Thank you. We love telling the stories of the wonderful
               folks in Amarillo, Canyon and all over the Panhandle.  Would you consider partnering with us by writing the
               stories of people you know in your neighborhood, community or church? Everyone has a story to tell, and we
               need your help in bringing those stories to life.

               If you have a business that is of interest to the senior population, we would love for you to consider partnering
               with us.  Since Amarillo Senior Link is a free publication, the circulation is determined by the number of
               advertisers. We’d love to spread the word about your business, and at the same time, increase the audience
               for these inspiring stories. If you are a company, a church body, or an organization that wants to be a part
               in honoring the seniors in our community, please reach out to me, and let’s discuss how we might be able to
               partner together.

               Have a happy and safe New Year and look forward to our next edition, the 2nd annual Senior to Senior
                                                                                                Erin Agee

                     {    Thank you to those who have written in this edition, for sharing your knowledge   {

                           and stories and helping to Link us.  And thank you to the advertisers who make
                              this magazine a reality.  Without all of you this would not be possible.
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