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             hear about it, by listening to what   with a needle and thread, Nana has   instead use them to invigorate my
             I think I should’ve done better and   taught me valuable concepts of life   future. Beth “Nana” Gern impacted
             of what I’m most proud, and by    while trying to educate me in every   my life by inspiring me to hold
             helping me improve however she    little thing I asked to learn. My   onto my smile, my art, and my
             can.                              favorite of her hidden life lessons   loves even when it feels like there is
                                               is that of mistakes: Mistakes don’t   nothing left to hold.
             Although I’m not very good at     have to be what mars my past if I
             anything in the kitchen or skilled

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             Avery Thompson                                     SAN JACINTO CHRISTIAN ACADEMY

                Avery Thompson is a senior at San Jacinto Christian Academy. She loves playing tennis
                and spending time with her friends. She plans to be a counselor at a camp for children
                with diabetes this summer, then attend WTAMU in the Fall.

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