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         Amarillo Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication     SENIOR 2 SENIOR
          distributed in Amarillo and the surrounding areas. Visit    6     Jelaine Workman for distribution maps and past editions.
                                                                            mema's wise advice
                                                                      8     Beth Gern
      PUBLISHER                     EDITORS                                 how Beth "Nana" Gern impacted my life
      Erin Agee                     Jane Bromley                      10    Susan Hayes
                                    Marilyn Garrett                         a real-life hero
      COVER PHOTOGRAPHY             Jelaine Workman                   12    Tom Stewart
      Brad Agee                                                             a tribute to Papa Tom
                                    DESIGN                            14    Barbara Bain
      STAFF                         Promofuse                               happy days with nana
      Jelaine Workman     
                                                                 HONORING SENIORS
                                                                      16    the value of remembering
      Erin Agee, Chloé Harris, Avery Thompson, Madison Robinson,
      Jacob Stewart, Raylee Bain, Bob Lile, Jelaine Workman, Bill     EXCEPTIONAL SENIORS
      Pittman, Ted Wilson, Berry Cox, Donna Alexander, Gayle
      Willson, Paul Young, Lee Franks, Dr. Ronald Crossno, Nathan      18   Gene Shelburne loves life
      Manning, Susie Akers, Barbara Mandry, Cheryl Goforth
                                                                       20   Amarillo Bill, the Iris Guy
                                                                       22   gleaning from grandparents
                                                                            how legacy happens
                       Five area high school seniors                  LOCAL HISTORY
                       represented their schools with
                       articles honoring senior citizens               24   the 6666
                       who have impacted their lives.
                       Another casualty of the pandemic
                       was our annual banquet and cover               SENIOR RESOURCES
                       photo shoot, so our staff chose a
                       zoom call simulation featuring the             25    back to the present
                       young authors.                                       the cycle of learning

      Copyright  2021 Amarillo  Senior  Link  Magazine. All  rights  reserved.  Every   26   why now?
      effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the
      right to reject or edit all material contributed. Your letters and comments are   28   untreated hearing loss may have
                     welcomed and encouraged.                               detrimental effects
                                                                      29    daily money managers
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                                                                      32    senior living in the future
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           (806) 441-3955
                                                                      OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE
                       Mail inquiries to                               34   fifty years of service to the Amarillo
              4813 103rd St, Lubbock, TX 79424                              community

                              FAMILY FOCUS
                                                                       35   traditions
                                            Easter and Passover
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