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                                           Knowing the
                                           challenges she
                                           faced caring for
                                           a sick husband,
                                           she has been
                                           an inspiration
                                           to me.  Just
                                           as Mema was
                                           her children’s
                                           biggest fan in all
                                           their activities,
                                           she always
                                           had time for
                                           me. She’s my
                                           number one.
                                           My Mema being
                                           in my life is one
                                           of the reasons
                                           I am where I
                                           am today.  If
           it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have accomplished the
           things I have done in school.  I worked hard to learn
           to be a leader for my team and a good influence on
           others, including my little sister.
           The advice I get from Mema impacts my decisions.
           Something she told me will stick with me forever: “You
           can do whatever you want to do, but you have to be
           strong, believe in yourself, keep God number one in    some sacrifices, and your kids have to understand that
           your life and then your spouse.”  It may sound funny to   it is because you love your spouse.” My mom told me
           put your spouse before your children, but she explained   that she always knew her parents loved each other just
           to me that “you pick your spouse to share your life    by the way they looked at each other.
           with. You will cherish the time with your children, but
           children grow up, move on, and it’s just you and your   I’ve been lucky to have this influence in my life. She’s
           spouse again. Full circle. Sometimes you have to make   the most loving, wisest, caring person that I know. I
                                                                  will be successful – because my Mema told me I can.

           Article Submitted by
           Chloé Harris                                          PANHANDLE HIGH SCHOOL

              Chloé Harris is a senior at Panhandle High School. Chloé has been involved in the
              Marching Band for five years and is the senior captain for the color guard team. Her
              hobbies are painting and drawing, being with her family and friends, and volunteering
              in her community. Chloé plans to attend Frank Phillips College, where she will major in
              cosmetology and become an esthetician.

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