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               Beth Gern

              How Beth "Nana" Gern

              Impacted My Life

                                              Nana’s life is a continual
              by Avery Thompson               work of art. Her smile is
                                              persistent and luminous,
                                              even when facing life’s
                 fter moving into our         harder trials. When she
                 country home several years   says, “I love you,” doubt
          Aago, I was slightly nervous        is nonexistent because
           about meeting our neighbors. My    you can see in her eyes
           parents were ahead of me and my    how far beyond those
           brothers were running around       simple words her meaning
           nearby as we made our way to       stretches; you can hear in
           meet the woman who lived across    her voice how deep her
           the dirt road from us. The woman   love is.
           shook my parents’ hands, then      Her work ethic is
           mine, as she introduced herself.   unparalleled; she’s
           “I’m Beth Gern.” She had a wide,   constantly serving,
           near-giddy smile as she turned to   creating, fixing, and
           the awkward ten-year-old with a    helping. In Nana’s home,
           short-bobbed haircut that was me   walls are adorned with
           and added, “but you can call me    creations of her own
           ‘Nana’.” I rarely refer to her as   hands and others’; some
           anything other than “Nana” even    traditionally transparent          Though my curiosities constantly
           now, seven years later.            windows and a few lamp shades      changed, Nana willingly taught

           When first meeting someone, it’s   are replaced with vibrant colors   me about whatever piqued my
           impossible to know how greatly     cut into precise shapes to form    interest. It started with sewing,
           the person may impact your life,   marvelous images she fabricated    then cooking, and later, stained
           your way of thinking and acting,   on her own and a few others she    glass. Whenever I complete a
           and even your smile. I had no idea   has bought; every meal and snack   painting or drawing, she is thrilled
           how amazing it was going to be to   she prepares in her kitchen is a   to see what I have created, listening
           simply spend time with Nana. The   delicious experiment, aesthetically   to whatever story is behind it, and
           ten-year-old I once was could never   arranged. Nana’s life is artwork,   adding a touch of constructive
           have imagined how wonderfully      from any and every aspect of her   criticism. Nana encourages me to
           my life was about to shift.        life, in ways beyond what the eye   pursue whatever it is that makes
                                              can see.                           me smile, by simply wanting to

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