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                                                                                 involved in sports and band.  One
                                                                                 of her greatest memories was when
              Susan Hayes                                                        she found out she was getting a

                                                                                 baby sister (my mom, Sharon).
                                                                                 Susan was thirteen years old,
              A Real-Life Hero                                                   part of her teenage years. School
                                                                                 and she describes it as the best

                                                                                 came easy for her as she made
                                                                                 good grades. She listened to The
                                                                                 Beatles and the Bee Gees, went to
                                                                                 drive-in movies, had mood rings,
                                                                                 bell bottoms, miniskirts, blue eye

              by Madison Robinson                                                shadow, and loved Disco. She
                                                                                 enjoyed swimming, listening to
                                                                                 vinyl records and 8-track tapes.
           “     amily isn’t just about whose blood runs through your veins.     Currently, Susan enjoys arts
                 It’s about who never left your side, stood up for you and       and crafts, any outdoor activity,
           Fbelieved in you.”   ~Adrian Body                                     gardening, traveling, fishing,
                                                                                 campfires, collectibles, all animals,
                                                                                 concerts, cooking, and music.
           It is a privilege to honor a special   simpler time. She describes happy
           senior in my life, my aunt, Susan   moments in her childhood home,    Susan has a kind heart and loves
           Colvin Hayes.  She has been by     with black and white televisions,   helping others. Susan’s wisdom
           my side and believed in me since   record players, lots of animals,   about the world is encouraging.
           I was born. I am blessed by her    one bathroom, one garage, and      She has shared some important
           and forever grateful for all that   one land line phone that everyone   thoughts and insights with me:
           she has done for me. Susan is not   shared. Although there was not
           only my aunt, but she has filled in   much privacy, the home was filled   •Always be honest and true to
           as a grandparent, friend and role   with security, happiness, and great   yourself.
           model. She has encouraged me       memories.
           with love and support, attending                                      •Surround yourself with positive
           many school functions over the     Susan loved playing outside in the   people who treat you with respect.
           years, numerous volleyball games,   neighborhood with friends and     •Stop and think before speaking in
           and award ceremonies.  She has     cousins. They would ride bikes,    anger.
           also always been there for me      make clubhouses, run to the ice
           when times were hard.  Susan is    cream truck, and come inside       •Always act selflessly.
           always in my corner, checks on     only when the streetlights came
           me daily, and encourages me to be   on at night. She enjoyed spending   •Make lasting memories and laugh
           a better person.  She lives her life   time at her grandparents’ house,   a lot.
           with integrity and supports and    walking to the park, playing the   •Life is a journey.
           loves her family deeply.           guitar, running to TG&Y, going on
                                              vacations to the mountains, and    Of course, there are always
           Susan grew up in Amarillo, Texas.   on fishing trips. Susan attended   obstacles in life. She calls them
           She is very loyal to this town and   Tascosa High School and Amarillo   bumps in the road. Losing her
           is proud that she has lived here all   College.  She remembers life as a   parents, grandparents, and special
           her life. When Susan describes life   teenager, when she was becoming   loved ones were her most difficult
           growing up, it seems like a much   more independent. She was          times. She was raising a teenager

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