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“Quilts of Valor” and began   storing his 1970 Chevelle.
            making quilts to honor        The space was upgraded
            living veterans.  God was     so that Cindy could move
            answering Cindy’s prayer      her sewing machine, the
            to help her deal with grief   longarm and all the growing
            by keeping her busy. Even     mountain of fabric out of
            though she was still working   the house. Eventually, the
                                          Gilbreths added on to that
                                          space, as Cindy acquired
         A quilt is a multi-              even more fabric and another
         layered textile,                 longarm quilter.
         traditionally                    Other ladies found out
         composed of three                about Cindy’s mission. In
         layers: a top, a layer           November 2017, a sewing
         of batting, and a back,          group was formed. The
         sewn together by hand            group of women shared her
         stitching or machine.            vision to cover every veteran
         Often, the top is pieced         they could with a quilt of
         from a patchwork of              Honor. The ladies originally
                                          met at the fabric store Sisters’
         smaller fabric pieces.           Scraps for no charge, but
         Some of the blocks               they quickly outgrew the
         utilized for Quilts of           space. Cindy searched for
         Honor are Pinwheels,             a bigger location and was
         Half-square Triangles,           thrilled when she found the
         and Disappearing                 Texas AgriLife Center. They
         Nine-Patch.                      offered her a large meeting
                                          room at no charge because
                                          of the work they do and the
                                          education they provide.
            at Pantex and running her
            household, she kept making    The ladies meet the last
            Honor Quilts - many of them   Friday of every month from
            going all over the United     9:30-4:00 and include young
            States.                       moms, elderly widows,

            She accumulated
            fabric and a
            longarm machine
            quilter and a lot of
            traffic in her home
            as women came by
            to help, to pick out
            fabric, to visit. The
            mission began to
            overrun the Gilbreth
            home. Cindy
            needed more space,
            so Johnny offered
            the little single car
            garage in their back
            yard which was         Four generations of quilters - Cindy and her
                                         daughter, mother and grandmother

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