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Veteran Stories

                                                                         In this issue, look for these banners to
                                                                         indicate a story about a local Veteran
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      PUBLISHER                    EDITORS                                10    Lynwood Pirtle
                                                                                A Sailor and a Gentleman
      Erin Agee                    Jane Bromley                                 Bob Dempsey
                                   Marilyn Garrett                        12    Climbing the Ladder
      COVER PHOTOGRAPHY            Jelaine Workman
      Brad Agee                                                           20    Alton Hare
                                                                                The Rabbit from Throckmorton
      STAFF                        DESIGN                                 22    Bob Daniel
      Jelaine Workman              Promofuse Solutions                          Sacrifice, Patriotism and Loyalty
      Steve Lott                              24    Joslyn Harney
                                                                                It’s A Beautiful Day in the “NeighborHUB”
      CONTRIBUTORS                                                        28    Boyce Bryan
      Erin Agee, Jane Bromley, Kenneth Pirtle, Maj. General (Ret.)              Agriculture, the Army and Auditory Ability
      Bob Dempsey, Cindy Rowley, Ashlee Estlack, Steve Lott,                    Travis LaDuke
      Joslyn Harney, Donna Alexander, Gayle Willson, Travis               30
      LaDuke, Jerry Martin, Kim Davis, Cindy Casey and Judy                     A Continually & Permanently Blessed Life
      Casey, Kate Freeman, Lisa Goode, Jan Flynt, Lee Franks,             32    Jerry Martin
      Marilyn O’Keefe, LaVila Henry, Kim May, Jelaine Workman,                  Back Home in Amarillo
      Ken Branum
                                                                          36    Elvin Howell
                                                                                A Sailor Remembers
         ABOUT THE COVER                                                 38     James Casey

                           Cindy Gilbreth and her team
            AMARILLO                                                            From Army Corps to Bell Helicopter - Expert Mechanic
                           of passionate seamstresses are                42     John Feeley
          Veterans Edition                                                      United States Navy Quartermaster
                           on a mission to honor every
          Fall 2019
                           veteran they can with a unique                44     Howard Sliger
                           and beautiful handmade quilt.                        From Salt Mines to the South Pacific
                                                                         46     Marlynn O’Keefe
                                                                                World War II WAVE
          Living History  FREE Please Take                                      Dennis Kern
          Honoring Area Veterans  One                                    48     WWII Bomber Pilot and Ranch Manager
         FALL 2019
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                                                               35  ways to honor
                                                                   veterans, soldiers and
                                   first responders
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