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               Veterans have always had a pretty special place in my heart.  My grandmother
               lost one of her nephews, Percy, in WWII.  His brother, Paul, also a WWII    from
               veteran, would often stop by my grandmother’s house when I was visiting.
               Between my grandmother and Paul, I got to hear a lot of stories, and each of   the
               them were gifted at sharing these stories in a way that I would never forget
               them.  For example, Paul shared about being in the 10th Mountain Division,
               and his group had only one mule to share.  As they marched, they would take   publisher
               turns holding onto the tail so that they could sleep-walk.  My grandmother
               shared with me letters that she and Percy had exchanged and the letter that
               arrived to tell of his death. She also had the battle flag.  Those soldiers fought
               through things that a civilian like myself
               could never imagine, and I still cherish
               Percy’s flag and letters that were given to
               me when my grandmother passed away.

               Those stories were really the beginning
               of my desire to make sure local veterans’
               stories are told.  The things I learned from
               them had a much greater value to me than
               anything I learned in a history book.  They
               were real.  They were my family.

               This is the first Amarillo Senior Link
               Veterans’ edition.  These are the stories
               of our neighbors and friends - all local to
               Amarillo and the surrounding area.   It is
               my hope that this will be the first of many
               veteran editions. We want to provide a
               platform for their stories, and we want
               to preserve them for future generations.
               As you read, we hope you will recognize
               the wealth of knowledge and make it a point to share this issue with your kids and grandkids.  Help us
               encourage the younger generation to take the time to sit at the feet of a veteran, listen to his or her story,
               and maybe even write that story to be shared in an upcoming edition.  I must confess, my favorite stories
               are the ones written through the eyes of young people.

               I have one more thing I’d like to address. Many of the men and women we have interviewed are distressed
               about the division and discord in our country. I’ve been trying to process what I hear them saying. If anyone
               has a right to be upset, they do.  They’ve each invested a significant part of their lives to ensure that
               our freedom and unity remain intact. Many have friends who have lost their lives; many have disturbing
               memories that never go away; many came home to disrespect and mistreatment.  And now, in a sense, the
               very things they fought for are in jeopardy.  Regardless of which side of the fence you are on – division is
               disheartening, even tragic.  But no matter what else happens, veterans deserve our thanks and gratitude.
               May the stories you read in this issue inspire appreciation for the sacrifice of every person who served or is
               serving in the military. Thank them.  Teach your children and grandchildren to thank them.  They deserve it!

               Please let me hear from you if you are enjoying this magazine.  As we continue to grow, we want to make
               sure you are getting what you want out of this. Our next edition is love stories, so if you have a good one, I
               want to hear it and help you share it!

               Thank you, and to the Veterans reading, may I say, “Welcome home and thank you for your service!”

                                                                                                Erin Agee

                     {    Thank you to those who have written in this edition, for sharing your knowledge   {

                           and stories and helping to Link us.  And thank you to the advertisers who make
                              this magazine a reality.  Without all of you this would not be possible.
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