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a CISD school bus driver, a     able to deliver them themselves
                                                    Randall County Sheriff’s officer,   rather than ship them all over
                                                    RNs and retirees. They bring    the country. The group is now
                                                    a sack lunch and come and go    called the Texas Panhandle Quilts
                                                    as they can. Some sew on their   of Honor, and they limit their
                                                    machines, some hand-sew the     distribution to veterans in the
                                                    bindings and some donate all the   Texas Panhandle.
                                                    batting. Most of the tops for the
                                                    honor quilts are produced by the   As of August 2019, Quilts of
                                                    Friday group. Then Cindy takes   Honor has donated 150 quilts.
                                                    them home to her backyard shop   The nonprofit group supplies all
                                                    and quilts them by machine.     the fabric, batting and quilting
                                                    After they are bound, they are   themselves but is happy to accept
                                                    distributed to area veterans    donations to help continue
                                                    across Amarillo and throughout   their mission. Cindy is Mema
                                                    the Panhandle.                  to six grandchildren and is
                                                                                    chief volunteer for the Amarillo
                                                    Two years ago, the group elected   Alzheimer’s Association. The
                                                    to withdraw from the Quilts of   passionate and energetic lady
                                                    Valor nationwide organization in   continues to reinvent the image
                                                    order to focus on local veterans.   of the modern quilter and
                                                    They needed the freedom to      is forging a trail to reignite
                                                    make more appropriately sized   patriotism and respect for
                                                    quilts, and they wanted to be   veterans across the Panhandle.

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