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          When Selling Your


          by: Donna Alexander

                  hen you’re putting your    outside, patio, porch – everything   price a home, market the home,
                  home on the market, think   counts. Make it Meemaw clean. It   and negotiate the deal. Pricing
         Wof it as going to a big            will pay off.                       the house perfectly is part science
         party and making a grand entrance.                                      and part art. It’s a combination of
         If you’re sufficiently prepped and   Second, declutter. Family photos   comparable properties, knowing
         coiffed, you get lots of interest and   crookedly hanging on the wall by   the neighborhood, and knowing
         great reviews, and some will want   the dozens do not add value to the   the market. Marketing the house
         to spend more time with you. But if   house. Pre-pack (don’t you love   to garner the most offers (and,
         you haven’t taken the time or made   that term?) the bowling trophies,   therefore, the best offers) is
         the effort, you could be overlooked,   the dried flower wedding bouquets,   understanding the tools at the
         and your opportunity to make a      and the plaster handprints of the   Realtor’s disposal and taking
         great first impression is lost forever.   grandbabies. All those things may be   advantage of all those tools.
         It is the same thing for your house. If   important to you, but they distract   Negotiating the deal can be the most
         it goes on the market without being   from the look of the house. All those   important part of the transaction.
         prepared, it is presented poorly,   vitamin bottles on the countertop   An educated Realtor will be
         and that first impression cannot be   need to be put away. The stack of   knowledgeable about all those terms
         undone. New buyers will certainly   junk mail and the refrigerator art   of the contract and how the seller is
         trickle into the ‘party’, but the energy   need to be removed. Get the picture?   affected by each. And in this chaotic
         and excitement will be lost, and the   Beware of those pretty things that   market, it’s more important than ever
         chances of getting an acceptable offer   get in the way, too, like the huge, but   to KNOW what you’re signing. Ask
         will be severely diminished.        gorgeous flower arrangement that    for an explanation.
                                             sits on the kitchen island. Maybe it
         How do you prepare for this party?   adds to your enjoyment of the house,
         First, clean. Clean like your mother   but when people come to see your
         is coming to see you. At my house,   house, those things actually block    If you’re considering putting
         we call it ‘Meemaw clean’. That’s the   the view. When in doubt, stand back   your home on the market, I’d
         standard for how clean the house    and take a wide-angle picture of the   love to interview for the job
         should be, clean enough for my      room. If your eye immediately goes
         mother, Meemaw. You know what       to anything other than your house,     of Realtor. Years of experience
         should be cleaned, but you’re busy   consider it a distraction and pre-pack   have taught me how to
         and tired so you plan to do it next   it to be enjoyed when you get to your   navigate the pitfalls, find
         week. Get ready for the party. Now.   new home.                            the resources to accomplish
         Baseboards, ceiling fans, windows,                                         the goals, and appreciate the
         window frames, oven, inside         Third, trust your Realtor. Or          seller’s knowledge of their
         drawers and cabinets, under sinks,   maybe I should say, “Hire a           home. Give me a call and let’s
         tubs, toilets, showers, etc. And don’t   Realtor whom you trust.” Great    talk about it. (806) 683-1299.
         forget the exterior doors, inside and   Realtors have been taught how to

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