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                                                                                                  wwII & korea

                                                                 of Heroes on March
                                                                 25, 2005.  On April
                                                                 4, 2018, the Airman
                                                                 Leadership School
                                                                 Auditorium was
                                                                 dedicated as the
                    A stand made for Dan   Dan sumggled his hand-carved
                    by a group of students   chess set home in a pouch he   Dan L. McKinney
                    Dan had addressed    made from his uniform shirt  Auditorium.  With
                                                                 all his presentations
             Dan returned to Clovis where he worked for an auto   about his time as a
             parts store for 11 years.  He left there to open his own   POW in Korea, he
             auto parts store, which he ran until 1987.  His wife   has never forgotten
             served as the Clovis school nurse from 1968 until her   those he left behind.
             retirement in 1992.                                 That is something
                                                                 that will never leave
                                              Dan’s favorite     his heart.
                                              hobby is golf; he
                                              had fallen
                                              in love with
                                              the game
                                              while he
                                              caddied for
                                              his dad at
                         Proof of Dan's hole-in-one  the age of
                                              six.  When
                                              he turned
             eight, he began playing the game and has played
             ever since.  He has one hole-in-one on his record.
             Dan was asked to give a presentation in 2005 to
             the Cannon ALS (Airman Leadership School) at
             Cannon Air
             Force Base.
             Since the first
             until 2017,
             Dan has told
             the story
             about his
             time as a
             prisoner of
             war in Korea
             95 times.
             Dan was
             the seventh
             inductee into
             the Airman
             School Wall

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