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                                                                                                  aIr force
                                                                                                  kuwaIt & Iraq

                                                               of Veterans
                                                               in the Texas
                                                               Panhandle and
                                                               South Plains

                                                               As an Army
                                                               wife, Rebecca
                                                               continues to
                                                               hold down
                                                               the home
                                                               front. She
                                                               their daughter
                                                               and writes bestselling, sweet and inspirational
                                                               romance stories under the pen name of Jo Grafford.
                                                               (She claims her various jobs over the years gave
                                                               her something to write about.) Rod and Rebecca’s

           memorable events of that year is that the college
           where he provided sports medicine coverage, George
           Mason University, made it to the NCAA Final Four
           Men’s Basketball Tournament. Rod was able to travel
           with the team throughout the tournament. Rod also
           was the Director of Sports Medicine for the Family
           Medicine Residency and Chief of Primary Care at
           Ft. Benning. He then moved back to Kuwait to be
           the Command Surgeon for Kuwait Operations. After
           serving in Kuwait for 15 months, he was sent to Ft.
           Leonard Wood to be the Chief of Soldier Services
           and Readiness Medicine. Next, he commanded a
           Clinic in Ansbach, Germany. After that, he served
           as the Deputy Commander for Clinical Services
           (Chief Medical Officer) and Deputy Commanding
           Officer at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, Ft
           Campbell, KY. Then he attended the Air War College
           at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL. His
           military career culminated at Walter Reed National
           Military Medical Center, where he served as Chief of
           Staff, as well as the Interim Director for Fort Belvoir
           Community Hospital for three months and Walter
           Reed National Military Medical Center for three

           Upon his retirement from the Army, Rod and his
           family moved west where he continues to “serve
           those who served” as the Director of the Amarillo VA
           Health Care System. He considers it the highest honor
           to continue his post-military career by taking care

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