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continue on and finish the season in
         spite of the horrific circumstances.
         Thus, the company of the 2013
         season of TEXAS Outdoor Musical
         finished out the season in honor
         of their friends and fellow actors.
         Now, every year, we carry their
         memories in our hearts throughout
         every performance of TEXAS
         Outdoor Musical.

         The beautiful Pioneer Amphitheater
         that is carved out of and nestled
         into a natural basin in the majestic
         Palo Duro Canyon – the nation’s
         second largest canyon – comes alive
         once again this summer for the 55th
         season of the Official Play of the

                                             State of Texas. To open the show, a   characters bring to life the stories,
                                             Lone Horseman, carrying the flag    struggles and triumphs of the
                                             of the great state of Texas, appears   settlers of the Texas Panhandle in
                                             atop a 600-foot cliff, signaling the   the 1800s. Enjoy the singing, the
                                             beginning of the most spectacular   dancing, and a generous helping
                                             outdoor musical drama in the        of good ol’ Texas humor, too. Be
                                             nation. With a moving swell of the   dazzled with spellbinding lighting,
                                             music, the horseman gallops across   special effects, and fireworks as
                                             the rim. Suddenly, a cast of more   we host the 55th season of the
                                             than 60 actors, singers and dancers   TEXAS Outdoor Musical. Tickets
                                             takes the stage to kick off the show   are available now at texas-show.
                                             that fans from all around the world   com. Our 55th season will run every
                                             have come to see. “For the past     Tuesday-Sunday, from May 29 to
                                             55 years, TEXAS Outdoor Musical     August 14, 2021. Be sure to follow
                                             has entertained over four million   us on Facebook, Instagram, and
                                             people from around the world,”      TikTok for updates and exclusive
                                             said David Yirak, TEXAS Managing    content from the musical. Just
                                             Artistic Director. “The beautiful   search Texas Outdoor Musical,
                                             singing, dancing, and high caliber   and we should pop right up. This
                                             of acting that takes place in one of   summer, we hope to see you and
                                             the most beautiful venues has kept   your family at TEXAS Outdoor
                                             the show thriving since 1966. The   Musical, the spectacle that has
                                             added special effects make for an   brought joy to the hearts of our
                                             unforgettable experience, plus a    audiences for 55 years!
                                             whole lot of Texas hospitality is in

                                             Set against an authentic tapestry
                                             of history, the show’s fictional

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