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          by McKenna Vaughn                 talents of the cast and crew, and   say that the tradition of TEXAS
                                            the rich culture and history of the   Outdoor Musical has not only
                                            canyon, each                                         persevered
               he story of Texas is not     season of the                                        through the
               one lightly told down at     TEXAS Outdoor                                        years but
         Tthe Pioneer Amphitheater.         Musical                                              flourished.
         Actors, crew members, and staff    achieves
         alike flock from all over the nation   not only                                         TEXAS Outdoor
         every summer for the opportunity   excellence, but                                      Musical was
         to become a part of TEXAS Outdoor   also a special                                      born in 1960,
         Musical and dazzle audiences with   place in the                                        when Margaret
         humor, dancing, singing, special   hearts of Texas                                      Harper read
         effects, and the inspiring story of   natives, as well                                  an article
         the Panhandle of Texas. For all    as visitors from                                     in Reader’s
         its majesty, the beauty of Texas   all 50 states                                        Digest about a
         could not be better reflected on   and multiple                                         playwright and
         any other stage than the Pioneer   foreign                                              author named
         Amphitheater in Palo Duro Canyon   countries.                                           Paul Green.
         itself, the perfect backdrop for   Fifty-five years of performing      Harper had been searching for
         such a spectacular show. Using the   and touching the hearts of our    ways to boost tourism to Palo Duro
         beauty of the natural landscape, the   audiences later, we are proud to   Canyon and provide local jobs for
                                                                                the summer. Upon learning that
                                                                                Mr. Green had already recreated
                                                                                the history of several regions
                                                                                around the nation in tremendous
                                                                                dramas, complete with pageantry
                                                                                and music, inspiration struck.
                                                                                Mrs. Harper wrote to Paul Green
                                                                                and began corresponding with
                                                                                him about the land, people and
                                                                                beauty of Palo Duro Canyon. She
                                                                                proposed the idea of creating a
                                                                                musical that told the story of the
                                                                                canyon, highlighted the rich history
                                                                                of the Panhandle, and celebrated
                                                                                the spirit and passion of the Lone
                                                                                Star State. Initial concerns that the

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