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       CROSS OF

          OUR LORD


         by Jelaine Workman

                                                                            he Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ
                                                                            Ministries sits on ten acres of land in
                                                                      TGroom, Texas.  The Cross, that is 19
                                                                      stories tall, can be seen from 20 miles out in
                                                                      any direction.  “The mission for the Cross
                                                                      is to serve people from all walks of life by
                                                                      creating an environment that is filled with
                                                                      peace, compassion, and spiritual direction.
                                                                      We believe in cherishing and strengthening
                                                                      the institution of the family, which we feel
                                                                      is a vital part of establishing a culture that
                                                                      flourishes. Our purpose is to share the truths
                                                                      of the Gospel with all who visit the Cross
                                                                      and to preserve traditional values in today’s
                                                                      society. We affirm the dignity of all people to
                                                                      live as Christ taught, who will in turn impact
                                                                      their families, community, and our world.”
                                                                      If you have the opportunity to meet Steve and
                                                                      Bobby Thomas, you will be talking to some
                                                                      of the warmest, most humble people you will
                                                                      ever encounter.

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