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                                                                      LOCAL HISTORY
         Amarillo Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication
          distributed in Amarillo and the surrounding areas. Visit    6     TEXAS outdoor musical for distribution maps and past editions.    official play of Texas
                                                                      10    the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
      PUBLISHER                     EDITORS                           28    the four sixes: a west Texas
      Erin Agee                     Jane Bromley                            ranching empire
                                    Marilyn Garrett                   32    history of Plainview/Hale County
      COVER PHOTOGRAPHY             Jelaine Workman                         the first thirty years
      Brad Agee
                                                                      SENIOR RESOURCES
                                    DESIGN                            9     daily money manager
      STAFF                         Promofuse                               are you prepared to hand over your finances to
      Jelaine Workman                           someone in an emergency?
                                                                      18    Parkinson's disease
                                                                            what you should know
      Erin Agee, McKenna Vaughn, Paul Young, Jelaine Workman,         19    certified senior advisor
      Jane Bromley, Jo Bidwell, Donna Alexander, Kaitlyn Mosley,      23    hospice care is also for caregivers & families
      Dr. Ronald Crossno, Gayle Willson, Ted Wilson, Sue Hancock
      Jones, Rebekah Crowe, Vickie Walters, Mabry Payne               31    what's on your heart...
                                                                            why volunteer?
                                                                      EXCEPTIONAL SENIORS
                                                                      13    "capturing moments" in bronze:
                       TEXAS, the magnificent Outdoor                       Mickey Wells
                       Musical is back in all its glory
                       after COVID restrictions                       20    today's moments are tomorrow's
                       prohibited a performance in 2020.                    memories - Joan & Dean Douglass
                       For 55 years, the breathtakingly
                       beautiful Palo Duro Canyon has                 24    a conversation with the McCallisters
                       provided the perfect backdrop for              28  © 2007 - 2021  Bill and Peggy LaFont
                       the inspiring and family-friendly                                Build your own custom worksheet at  ®  
                       production.                                          they made it
                                                                      CELEBRATING A CENTURY
      Copyright 2021 Amarillo Senior Link Magazine. All rights reserved. Every   16   no regrets at 104
      effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the
      right to reject or edit all material contributed. Your letters and comments are   Dorothy Thompson
                     welcomed and encouraged.
                                                                      TRAVEL          Cross        Groom        Musical
              Want the next issue                                     34  Ranch  traveling North America by bus  Summer
                                                                                      T exas
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