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Activities,       “Betty” Cook was the first woman
                                                                Veterans          to receive both the Purple Heart
                                                                Affairs           and the Bronze Star. A combat
                                                                Volunteer         nurse during WWII, she sustained
                                                                Service,          shrapnel wounds while working
                                                                Scholarship,      in a field hospital in Italy but
                                                                Americanism,      continued to work on wounded
                                                                Purple Heart      patients.
                                                                Trail and First
                                                                Responder         4. Charles Barger, during WWI,
                                                                Programs.         and Curry T. Haynes, during the
                                                                Many of the       Vietnam War, hold the record for
                                                                Purple Heart      the most Purple Hearts awarded
            the “Order of Precedence”. For     recipients in this magazine belong   – ten each. Barger was awarded
            example, the Congressional Medal   to the MOPH chapters in Lubbock    twenty-four medals, including the
            of Honor is the highest award.     and Amarillo.                      Medal of Honor. In one assault
            The Purple Heart is number 21 in                                      alone, Haynes dodged multiple
            the order; it follows the Bronze   Purple Heart Trivia                grenades, sustained a series of
            Star and precedes the Defense                                         injuries including the loss of two
            Meritorious Service Medal.         1. The Purple Heart was one of     fingers. Serving in the Army, he
            Additional awards of the Purple    the first awards in military history   was awarded a staggering ten
            Heart are denoted by oak leaf      that could be given to lower-      (equaling Barger’s record) Purple
            clusters in the Army and Air       ranking, enlisted soldiers or non-  Hearts.
            Force and 5/16” stars in the Navy,   commissioned officers for their
            Marine Corps and Coast Guard.      outstanding service.               5. An estimated 1.9 million Purple
                                                                                  Hearts have been awarded since
            Modern Day Recognition             2. Famous recipients of the award   the order was established.
                                               include WWII hero Audie Murphy
            Today, Purple Heart recipients are   (3 awards), James Arness (of     6. During WWII, the U.S.
            honored in numerous ways. There    Gunsmoke fame), Charles Bronson,   Military made over 1.5 million
            are monuments with their names     Dan Blocker (Hoss of Bonanza       Purple Heart medals. Half a
            inscribed in countless cities across   fame) James Garner, Lee Marvin,   million were made at the end
            America.                           Rod Serling, Oliver Stone, Warren   of the war in anticipation of the
                                               Spahn, Rocky Bleier (NFL), John    projected casualty rate from the
            The Military Order of the          Kerry, Colin Powell and John       planned invasion of Japan during
            Purple Heart (MOPH) was            McCain. John F. Kennedy is the     Operation Downfall.  Some of the
            Congressionally chartered in       only President to be awarded the   refurbished WWII Purple Hearts
            1932 and is headquartered in       Purple Heart.                      are still ready to be awarded to
            Springfield, Virginia. It currently                                   troops today.
            has approximately 45,300           3. The first woman to receive a
            veterans. Its membership is        Purple Heart was Army Lt. Annie
            exclusively made up of men and     G. Fox for her heroic actions
            women who have received the        during the Japanese attack on
            Purple Heart while serving as      Pearl Harbor in December 1941.
            a member of the U.S. Military.     She was the chief nurse at Hickam
            They have initiated numerous       Field in Hawaii during the attack.
            national programs such as Service   Also, during WWII, Cordelia
            Programs for Veterans, Youth

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