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Designating Texas Panhandle        Phase II: A bench will
          Counties with Purple Heart         be set in front of the
          Proclamations.                     three trees.
          In early 2019, our chapter began getting   Several family
          proclamations, signed by County    members of Sgt.
          Commissioners, designating their   Meddock were present
          county as a Purple Heart County.   at the tree dedication.
          This is a way the various 26 Counties
          of the Texas Panhandle can honor   Medal of Honor
          and recognize all veterans who live   recipient Thomas
          in their county. To date, our Chapter   E. Creek Challenge
          has designated Gray County, Wheeler   Coin Project
          County, Potter County, and Randall   MOPH Chapters 553 in
          County as Purple Heart Counties. We   Amarillo and Chapter
          presented a very nice road sign that   0900 of Lubbock had
          announces this status.             a Challenge Coin                   LCPL Seth Huston Challenge
                                             made for the Creek family and, in a   Coin Project
          Sgt. Cameron Meddock Memorial      special presentation at the Thomas E.   MOPH Chapters 553 in Amarillo
          Project:                           Creek Veterans Hospital in Amarillo,   and Chapter 0900 of Lubbock had a
          MOPH Chapter 553 was instrumental   presented the coin to the brother and   Challenge Coin made for the Huston
          in getting a Memorial site done for   family members.                 family to honor LCPL Seth Huston from
          honoring Sgt. Cameron Meddock.     While serving as fire team leader,   Perryton who was killed in Iraq in about
          Sgt. Meddock was killed in action in   Thomas Creek was killed in action on   2005. The family was very honored.
          Afghanistan in early 2019.         February 13, 1969, near the Cam Lo
          Other veteran organizations that helped   resettlement village. Creek's squad was   If you would like to donate to MOPH
          fund this project include the following:   escorting a convoy of trucks, bringing   Chapter 553, we can continue to support
           •  MILITARY ORDER OF THE          supplies to Vandegrift Combat Base,   all veterans and their families of the
             PURPLE HEART CHAPTER 0900 –     when it was ambushed. While under   Texas Panhandle.  Donations should
             LUBBOCK, TX                     enemy mortar (weapon) fire, Creek   be sent to our Chapter Finance Officer,
           •  VETERANS OF FOREIGN            moved to a position to attack the hidden   Mendell Schelin, at 7102 Rochelle Ln.,
             WARS POST 1475 AUXILIARY –      enemy, engaging in a fire fight. While   Amarillo, TX 79109.
             AMARILLO, TX                    moving to a better position, he was shot
           •  AMERICA - CELEBRATE, HONOR     in the neck and fell into a gully near   Submitted by:
             AND SERVE ORGANIZATION          fellow Marines who had taken cover.    Don Roden
           •  KRAUSE LANDSCAPE               A grenade landed between Creek and   Commander
             CONTRACTORS, INC.               the other Marines. Creek rolled on top   MOPH Chapter 553
           •  OSGOOD/LAGRONE                 of the grenade and took the full force   Amarillo, Texas 79121
             MOMUMENT CO.                    of the blast, saving the lives of those   806.679.1239
          Phase I: Three trees, donated by Krause   around him.       
          Landscape in Amarillo, were planted at
          Spearman High School in Spearman, TX
          to Honor Sgt. Cameron Meddock.

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