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               These days, news shows describe a United States that seems more divided than
               ever.  Division over a multitude of issues appears to be widening. When the   from
               anxiety stemming from COVID-19 is factored in, it can be overwhelming. Most
               of us are ready for some resolve, some normalcy, some hope for the future, and   the
               hopefully, some common ground.
               Welcome to the Fall veterans’ edition of Senior Link.  This extra-large issue is the
               first ever joint edition of Lubbock Senior Link and Amarillo Senior Link.  Every Fall,
               we honor the veterans who have fought for our country to preserve the cause of
               freedom. If we agree on nothing else, we can surely acknowledge the value of
               that service. In the spirit of unity, we want
               to bring people together, so Lubbock and
               Amarillo, Panhandle and South Plains, this
               is for you.

               Because we are honoring so many who
               paid so dearly, we chose to put the symbols
               of those sacrifices on our cover. Our friend,
               Dr. Sam Ayers, photographed two actual
               medals and wrote the stories of their
               heroic recipients.  In the pages that follow,
               you will find the stories of many Panhandle
               and South Plains Purple Heart recipients,
               Gold Star Families, WWII veterans, a Medal
               of Honor recipient, and a Congressional
               Gold Medal winner.  A few stories of other
               West Texas greats are also included.

               You will read about the amazing new War
               Memorial Community Education Center
               in Amarillo.  Not only are they actively honoring veterans, but they will also be educating youth so the honor
               will continue for generations.  A new regional Monument of Courage has been dedicated in Lubbock, paying
               tribute to Medal of Honor winners, Gold Star families, and Purple Heart recipients from all over the Panhandle
               and the South Plains.

               Joslyn Harney, an employee of the city of Amarillo and a veteran herself, wrote two of the articles for this issue.
               She also penned the following:

               “The war in Afghanistan and Iraq, spanning nearly a decade, has never been personal for many of us.  Our lives
               have not been disrupted by the loss of a loved one on the battlefield.  The stories written in this issue plumb the
               depths of despair, sacrifice and loss.  But they also portray the tenacity of the human spirit: the ability to forgive,
               to walk past loss and create a future, and the urgency to hope.  These are stories of triumph above all the odds
               and willingness to pursue life.  These stories make the loss of many personal to each of us.  Their sacrifices
               should live as an exclamation point in our hearts because freedom is fueled through their loss, and that is never

               We have so much to be grateful for.  If we focus on those things, our differences won’t seem so important, and
               we can begin to reunite.
                                                                                                Erin Agee

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                     {    Thank you to those who have written in this edition, for sharing your knowledge   {

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                              this magazine a reality.  Without all of you this would not be possible.
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