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        PUBLISHER                    EDITORS
        Erin Agee                    Jane Bromley
                                     Marilyn Garrett                    6     history of the purple heart
        COVER PHOTOGRAPHY            Jelaine Workman
        Sam Ayers                                                       8     a letter from U.S. Rep. Mac
        STAFF                        DESIGN                             10
        Steve Lott                   Promofuse                                military order of the purple heart
        Jelaine Workman                           Amarillo
        Larry A. Williams                                               12    Texas panhandle war memorial center
        CONTRIBUTORS                                                    18    the regional monument of courage
        Erin Agee, Larry A. Williams, U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry, Jane
        Bromley, Don Roden, Perry Gilmore, PhD, Katherine McLamore,     38    thank a veteran with more than
        Steve Oien, Glenys Young, Sam Ayers, EdD, Robert Swyers, Kris         words
        Creek, Sydney Wenglein, Rudy Bratcher, Lee Franks, Donna
        Alexander, Willie Tijerina, Jr., Sarah Casey, Stacy Keith, Joslyn   50   in word and in deed
        Harney, Jack Bearden, Steve Lott, Lisa Carson, Maj. Gen (Ret.) Edgar
        Murphy, Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Gary Harber, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Walter   61   supplemental needs trusts
        Huffman, Kathy Garland, Eddie Tubbs, Kristi Townsen, Marilyn
        Garrett, Joan Blackmon, Patty Bedoy, Jody Boudreaux Wilson, Laura   63   thank you
        Landes, Kayla Moseley, Gayle Willson, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Bob Dempsey
                                                                        74    Lubbock cultural arts foundation: an
        ABOUT THE COVER                                                       introduction
                      The pandemic made it impossible to assemble
                      our heroes for the cover photo this year. We      84    feed seniors now | good nutrition
         HONORING SENIORS  chose to use the emblems that signify the sacrifice
        Veterans Edition                                                      contributes to a superior quality of
                      made by those who have received Purple Hearts
        Fall 2020
                      and those who have been designated Gold Star            life for seniors
                      Families. Just as the medals themselves are mere
                      tokens that cannot make up for a tragic loss,     86    general update
                      our representation of them cannot come close
         Featuring the
         stories of Panhandle
         and South Plains   to expressing our thanks to each of the men and
         Purple Heart recipients,
         Gold Star Families, WWII,                                      96    living in lockdown
         Korea, and Vietnam   FREE
         Veterans, and a   Please Take  women who possess them.
         Congressional Gold Medalist  One
       FALL 2020
      Copyright  2020  Senior  Link  Magazine.  All  rights  reserved.  Every  effort  is  made  to   114  the heroes among us
      ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the right to reject or edit all
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                                                                        115  veteran's death benefits: where
                                                                              government funds fall short
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                                                                        126  OLLI at TTU expects major comeback
                                                                              from minor setback
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