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Veteran Stories

                                                                            In this issue, look for these banners to
                                                                            indicate a story about a local Veteran

          9          Don Roden             56           Leigh Bratcher             98           Frank Hudson
                                                        "To Change Anything Changes
                                                                                                The Last Mission of Ain't
                     Commander of MOPH 553
                                                        Everything"                             Misbehavin'
         15          Steve Oien            58           Ron Goulette              100           Curtis Ruff
                     A Marine's Story
                                                        A Purple Heart Trifecta
                                                                                                It Just Wasn't His Day
                     Gen. Charles Q.
         22          Brown, Jr.            64           Guillermo (Willie) Tijerina, Jr.  102   Earl Langley
                                                                                                There Just Wasn't a Choice!
                     Confirmed As 22nd
                                                        Thankful and Blessed
                     Chief of Staff
         24          Mark Cannon           66           Jose Casarez              104           Captain Robert Melcher
                                                                                                From Flanders Fields to Cotton
                                                        A Time to Remember
                     The Ultimate Sacrifice
                                                                                                Fields “Honesty and Integrity”
         26          Roger Ragain          68           Edwin “Venoy” Allen       106           Genaro Bedoy
                                                                                                The Service and Sacrifice of
                                                        Doing the Thing in Front of Him
                     A Lone Survivor
                                                                                                Genaro Bedoy
         30          Dick Murphy           71           Robert Herrera            108           Clarence Mason
                     Continuing to Serve                Prayers for Kilo Company 3/5            A Family History of Service

         32          Pete Rosser           76           Captain Eric Das          110           Danny Lara
                     Three Purple Hearts in Four
                     Months                             God, Family, Country                    Helping Other Veterans

         34          Andy Winnegar         78           Jack Bearden              112           Isaac Barraza
                                                                                                "I Would Do It All Over
                     66 Combat Missions
                                                        A Real Roller Coaster Ride
         40          Mendell Schelin       80           Virginia Griffin Worcester   118        John Finke
                     The Value of a Purple Heart
                                                        A Woman on the Move                     Kept On Keepin' On

         42          Les Beaty             82           Larry Griggs              120           Marco Martinez
                     Thank You for Your Service         Good Soldier, "Good Guy"                Something to Prove

         44          Tom Creek             88           Tom Garland               122           Jerry Lucero
                                                                                                “Hollywood” Marine Receives
                                                        Merrill's Marauders: A WWII
                     Medal of Honor for
                     18-Year-Old Marine                 Memoir of Tom Garland                   Purple Heart
         46          John Nelson                        Paul Bowen                124           Phil Price
                     Decorated and Distinguished,  90
                                                                                                Remembering a Hero
                     Courageous and Confident           Fulfilling Destiny                      (1943-2020)

         52          Jackey White          92           Steve Morin, Jr.          125           Cleatus Lebow
                     One Family - 110 Years of
                                                        Remembering Steve, Gold Star
                                                                                                A High Honor for the Crew of
                     Service                            Mom, Audrey Morin                       the USS Indianapolis
         54          Donnie White          94           PFC Ricky Salas, Jr.
                     A Family Legacy and a Purple
                                                        Brenda Robertson - Why She
                     Heart                              Talks About Her Son
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