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            Texas Panhandle

          WAR MEMORIAL


           by Perry Gilmore, PhD,

           Executive Director

                he War Memorial is a not-for-
                profit agency; our mission
           Tis to honor the men and
           women who have given us our        first aid kit                                          The veteran
           freedom and to keep history alive.   from WWI,                                           would be
           We have a beautiful Veterans’ Park   and a uniform                                    without income
           which is maintained by the Randall   and other artifacts                          for about two years
           County Master Gardeners. Inside    from Brigadier General                    until the “overpayment”
           our building we have exhibits from   Lawrence Hoover.                  was drawn down. The veteran
           World War I through Afghanistan,                                       had no transportation other than a
           and a world-class Education Center   After at least a year off because of   bicycle, and no phone or internet
           with five computer kiosks with     the COVID pandemic, we held our     access. We drove the veteran to a
           information on 11 wars augmented   veteran recognition ceremony on     caseworker’s office and obtained
           by projections of information and   Memorial Day. Our speaker was      official documentation that would
           images on our 11-foot-high walls.  U.S. Congressman Ronny Jackson.     correct the record. We called the
                                              Despite predictions of rain, the    VA for the veteran and mailed the
           We are constantly adding to our    ceremony went off without a hitch
           exhibit collections of military    and was attended by about 700       documentation to them. We took
           artifacts. We recently acquired a   veterans, family members, and      the extra step to inquire about other
           used-in-battle World War II map of   supporters. Our next ceremony will   aspects of the veteran’s life and
           a parachute drop zone near Sainte   be Veterans Day, November 11, at 11   found that he was not enrolled in
           Mère-Église, France on D-Day. We   a.m. We are glad to be back on track   Social Security, and we got him
           also have a map of the Battle of   providing these ceremonies to honor   enrolled. Although his rent was
           the Bulge depicting the German     and remember our veterans and       being paid, he had no funds for
           positions east of Bastogne. We have a   Gold Star Families.            food, so we got him signed up for
           slide rule load adjustment calculator                                  Meals on Wheels and a monthly
           for a B-29 bomber, a small personal   We have the only Military Chapel in   Food Bank box of food.
                                              the Panhandle, and it is being used
                                              more frequently. We have hosted a
                                              promotion ceremony, an enlistment   We are open Monday through
                                              ceremony, a military wedding, and   Friday 9 to 5. Come see us at 4111 S.
                                              several memorial services. Use of the   Georgia in Amarillo, 806-350-8387.
                                              Chapel is free to veterans and active-  Admission is free for veterans! If
                                              duty military personnel.            you have time on your hands, come
                                                                                  and volunteer at the museum.
                                              Helping veterans and their families
                                              is an important mission of the War   The Texas Panhandle War Memorial
                                              Memorial. Last month, we helped     is so much more than a memorial.
                                              a Vietnam-era veteran whose VA      We invite you and your family to
                                              retirement checks (his only source   visit us and see for yourself.
                                              of income) had been suspended
                                              based on incorrect information.

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