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Veteran Stories
                                                                               In  this  issue,  look  for  these  banners  to
                                                                               indicate a story about a local Veteran

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        PUBLISHER                     EDITORS                       10        Ronny Jackson  40       Newton Carleton
                                                                                                      Serving on So Many Levels
                                                                              At Your Service
        Erin Agee                     Jane Bromley                            Dr. Rod Gonzalez        Tousha Paxton
                                      Marilyn Garrett               14        Dreams Can Come True 42  "Grandma Airborne"
        COVER PHOTOGRAPHY             Jelaine Workman                                                 On a Mission
        Brad Agee                                                   18        Dan McKinney  44        Johnnie R. Helms
                                                                              Surviving the Cold
                                                                                                      In My Own Words
        STAFF                         DESIGN                                  in Captivity
                                                                              Paul Harpole
        Jelaine Workman               Promofuse                     22        Dustoff Crew Chief,  50  Charles SoRelle
                                                                                                      A Life Full of Stories
                                                  Public Servant, and Patriot
        CONTRIBUTORS                                                25        Bob Bell      52        Dick Johnson
        Erin Agee, Dr. Perry Gilmore, U.S. Representative Ronny               "I Just Wanted to Fly!"  Connumications in Korea
        Jackson – Staff, Rebecca Gonzalez, Dr. Ronald Crossno, Jelaine        Donald Sherman
        Workman,  Donna Alexander, Bob Bell, Bob Lile, Peggy        34        From New York  54       Carl Hartman
                                                                              to Amarillo,
                                                                                                      A Man for All Branches (Nearly)
        Meathenia, Tim Bowles,  Donald Sherman, Jane Bromley, Tim             by Way of Vietnam
        Tivis, Johnnie Helms, Kay Henard, Carl  Hartman, Paul Young,          Jerry Morris            Larry Barnett
        Diana Barnett, Ted and Jody Wilson, Vickie  Walters, Phil   36        Transparent as Glass  58  Bronze Star Recipient
        Johnson, Greg Vail
                                                                                                      Delmar Baker
                                                                    38        Willie Modisette  60    From Trials and Tragedy
                                                                              WWII POW
                                                                                                      to Triumph
            ABOUT THE COVER

                              Area Veterans gather                        VETERANS NEWS
                              for a group photo at the                    6   veteran appreciation   48  armstrong county
                              beautiful Texas Panhandle                      breakfast             museum
                              War Memorial before an                      8   Texas panhandle      a jewel of history
                              appreciation breakfast and                     war memorial center  49  history and impact of
                                                                                                   the American Legion
                              program in their honor.                     30  it was a little thing

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