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to stay away from those ruffians    we would go
         because I would get in trouble.     skinny dipping,
         Of course, that is the first thing I   and a dog or
         did, which did get me in trouble    two would
         more than once.  We would go in     join us. When
         the back door of the hotel coffee   the bus horn
         shop where one of the guy’s         honked, we
         mother worked.  She would give      knew it was
         us apple peelings that came off a   time to go.
         mechanical apple peeler if she was
         making pies.  The guy who cussed    There are
         often came out with an expletive,   enough stories
         and she would grab him and wash     about life in
         his mouth out with lye soap.        that small town
                                             to fill a book; I
         The favorite games of our day       guess I need to                     Luther asked him, “Isn’t your son
         included Hide and Seek, Kick the    do that.                            a salesman?”  So, I moved back to
         Can, Red Rover and Dodgeball.                                           Booker to run a Ford dealership.
         Later, it was BB Gun fights or      Most of us were involved in         We operated for 35 years – didn’t
         Roman Candle fights, and nobody     the Boy Scout Troop and High        get rich but made a living.  We
         got hurt or an eye put out.         Adventure Explorer Post.  My        shut the doors in 2000 along
                                             senior year, seven Eagle Scouts     with 500 other dealers across the
         We all got our driver's licenses at   were on the football team.  We    country – just couldn’t generate
         fourteen.  After Monday night FFA   graduated in 1958, and surprise,    enough cash flow to pay corporate
         meetings, we would play “ditch      surprise, we all made good          what they wanted.
         ‘em” on country roads with the      citizens.
         lights out.  It’s a wonder no one                                       In 1967, I saw a newspaper ad that
         got killed.                         College was fun but a disaster for   asked, “Would you like to use
                                             me.  I attended three colleges but   more of your mind? Free Lecture!”
         All the boys took Vocational        just could not make the grades as I   It was to be held in Spearman on
         Agriculture, and the girls took     had a terrible time concentrating.  I   Monday evening.  Well, I wasn’t
         Home Ec.  Vo Ag field trips were a   could never remember what I had    using much of my mind, so I
         blast.  We learned how to dehorn    studied, like I was in a fog.  I was   decided to attend.  That evening
         calves and castrate young bulls     35 before I was diagnosed with      changed my life.  The lecturer was
         and pigs.  Once we found a jug      hyperinsulism (low blood sugar).    Jose Silva, an amazing man with a
         of home brew in a barn.  It tasted   When I quit sugar and soft drinks,   brain that could change the world.
         like crap, but we drank it anyway.    life got much better.             He taught “Silva Sensor Systems”
         Other times, we were in contests                                        which has been taught all over the
         of land judging, soil judging and   On December 7, 1961, I joined       world.
         stock judging.  These got us out of   the Marine Corps and headed to
         school for a whole day.             MCRD in San Diego in January –      At the break, I went outside to
                                             honorably discharged in 1967.       have a smoke.  A man followed me
         The ones in Darouzett were the                                          and introduced himself as Dord
         best as there was a creek that ran   My dad and his brother opened      Fitz.  He said he could sense that
         through the edge of town.  The      Lile Brothers Body Shop in 1947.    I had artistic ability and that he
         day before, we bought those little   They quickly got the reputation    taught art to hundreds of people
         wooden fishing things that had      of doing quality work at a fair     all over the Panhandles, Southwest
         about twelve feet of line, some     price.  I was doing body work at    Kansas and Western Oklahoma.
         split shot, a couple of hooks, and a   a very early age and thoroughly   In 1968, I started lessons with him
         wooden bobber.  We also got some    enjoyed it.  They operated together   and never looked back.  Because
         Beech Nut chewing tobacco and       for eighteen years.  In 1965, Dad   of him, I have experienced New
         a few rum- soaked crook cigars.     purchased the Ford Dealership       York City 21 times and spent time
         After the judging, ten or fifteen of   from Lehman Motor Company.       with many famous artists.  Our
         us would descend on the creek to    He told Luther he didn’t know       art group traveled extensively to
         fish, chew and smoke.  Sometimes    anything about selling cars, but

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