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                As I write this, we are all still learning how to adapt to COVID 19 and
                adjusting to a new normal. It’s an historic time, and our family, like
                everyone else’s, is discovering creative new ways to be productive         the
                and fill the time.

                As a staff, we debated whether or not to go forward with this issue        publisher
                because of the challenges our advertisers are facing, but nonetheless
                we know that providing something
                for you to read and encourage you
                in this time is of great value as well.
                The theme of this special edition is
                Honoring Artists – some you know
                and love, and more you’ll want to
                know.  You’ll  enjoy  reading  about
                some  of  the  Panhandle’s  most
                famous  talent  and  some  others
                who  enjoy  art  for  the  joy  of  the
                creative  outlet.  You  will  also  get
                a  little  behind-the-scenes  look
                at  some  of  the  people  who  have
                worked tirelessly to see that art in
                Amarillo continues to thrive.

                This time of “sheltering in place”
                has  provided  opportunities  for
                members  of  every  generation  to
                embrace their own talents.  We
                all have a creative streak, and it’s
                never too late to discover how to
                tap into it.

                When my neighbor, Mrs. Davis, recently broke her arm, the girls and I baked her a cake. As
                we visited – six feet apart, of course – she mentioned something she had happened upon
                down the street.  A young girl had adorned the sidewalk with a beautiful chalk drawing.
                The little girl never even knew how much it had touched her elderly neighbor. My girls were
                inspired. During the next few weeks, they came up with dozens of people to bless with
                chalk calligraphy, mosaics, and other art on sidewalks all over town.

                Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow
                up.” If you find something you enjoy doing, pursue it. You may never know how many lives
                your creativity will impact, but you can be certain yours will be one of them. And as we
                struggle together to find our new “normal”, music and art of all kinds have the potential
                to make it better. And it was Albert Einstein who said, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

                                                                                                Erin Agee

                  Senior Link is always grateful for our contributors and our advertisers, but
                  we are especially appreciative for the sponsors of this edition because of the
               challenging circumstances most area businesses are facing. If you appreciate this
                     issue, please thank our advertisers by supporting their establishments.
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