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        Amarillo Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication distributed in
      Amarillo and the surrounding areas. Visit for
                           distribution maps.                           6    artist, Bob Lile
                                                                             in his own words
     PUBLISHER                    EDITORS
     Erin Agee                    Jane Bromley                          9    for the betterment of others | Mary E.
                                  Marilyn Garrett                            Bivins
     COVER PHOTOGRAPHY            Jelaine Workman
     Brad Agee                                                          12   the caregiver experience

     STAFF                        DESIGN
     Jelaine Workman              Promofuse Solutions                   14   creating space | Ann Crouch
     Steve Lott                             16   how to leave your mark for future

     CONTRIBUTORS                                                            generations
     Erin Agee, Bob Lile, Katherine Wiegand, Kim Davis, Rachel Flores,
     Donna Alexander, Samuel B. White, Marshi Lair, Gayle Willson, Bettie   18   just can't sit still | Samuel B. White
     Haller, Joslyn Harney, Lee Franks, Bob McGinnis, Sandi McGinnis,
     Jackie Conces, Ted and Jody Wilson, DJ Stubben                     20   it's never too late | Marshi Lair

                                                                        22   music - the perfect tool of

         ABOUT THE COVER                                                24   painting her world | Bettie Haller

                      Summer 2020  Gloria Goyne, Bob Lile, Miles
           AMARILLO                                                     26   a life of loving others | Gloria Goyne
                           Bivins, and Betty Haller gathered
                           recently at the Amarillo Art Institute       28   stocking up is not the only emergency
                           Sculpture Garden to represent the                 plan
                           valuable roles art, philanthropy, and
                           volunteerism play in our community           30   art and music enrich life | Bob

          Art is thriving in the Panhandle!  FREE  and beyond.               McGinnis
          Amarillo area artists share their stories about the   Please Take
          value of creativity in challenging times.  One
         SUMMER 2020
      Copyright  2020  Senior  Link  Magazine.  All  rights  reserved.  Every  effort  is  made  to   32   finding passion in a hobby | Sandi
      ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the right to reject or edit all   McGinnis
         material contributed. Your letters and comments are welcomed and encouraged.
                                                                        34   unsung hero | Guy Houston
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                    in your mailbox?                                    36   a lady of the arts | Carolyn Warrick
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