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Polk. Oversight for construction
                                              of the magnificent three-story
                                              residence was left to Mary, as
                                              Lee was often away on business.
                                              This home was later gifted to
                                              the City of Amarillo and became
                                              the Mary E. Bivins Memorial

                                              Over the years, Mary often
                                              turned her attention beyond
                                              her family to needs within
                                              the greater community. She
                                              provided furnished houses for
                                              needy families and support
                                              for a wide range of public          The Mary E. Bivins Foundation
                                              charities, including the Amarillo   has continued the vision and
                                              Tuberculosis Association, the       legacy of this special woman,
                                              School Children's Relief Fund,      striving to improve and enrich
                                              and the American Red Cross.         the quality of life of individuals
                                              Mary donated building sites         living in the 26 counties of the
                                              for the Maverick Club, the West     Texas Panhandle by meeting
                                              Amarillo Christian Church, and      their physical, mental, social,
                                              the VFW headquarters.               and spiritual needs.  In 1965, the
                                                                                  Foundation made possible the
                                              Mary’s most far-reaching            Bivins Center for Rehabilitation
                                              philanthropy was creating the       at High Plains Baptist Hospital
                                              Mary E. Bivins Foundation in        (now BSA) and played a key
                                              1949 to sponsor medical and         role in the development of the
                                              social programs for the elderly     Amarillo Medical Center.  The
                                              in need. Betty Teel, wife of        Bivins Memorial Nursing Home
                                              grandson Lee T. Bivins, noted       opened in 1968 to care for those
                                              that Mary “wouldn’t spend           needing skilled nursing care.
                                              any money because she had           Bivins Village I and II opened
                                              to save every drop of it for        in 2002 and 2006 to provide
                                              her foundation. She couldn’t        beautiful, affordable housing
                                              buy anything. It might rob her      apartments for seniors aged 62
                                              foundation.”  Before her death      and above. Childers Place (now
                                              in 1951, Mary was able to see       Bivins Pointe) and the Elizabeth
                                              the first fruits of her Foundation   Jane Bivins Culinary Center were
                                              through the construction of the     constructed in 2006 to provide
                                              Elizabeth Jane Bivins Home for      additional long-term care, rehab
                                              the Aged. The home was built        and culinary services to the area.
                                              and dedicated to fulfill Mary’s
                                              desire to care for her aging        A cause very close to Mary’s
                                              friends and other elderly citizens   heart was the education of
                                              in her community.                   young Christian ministers.

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